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Rookout | Cisco Investments

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While software development technologies have improved and matured, a developer’s understanding and ability to work within it have not. Instead, software engineers face a greater lack of observability, understanding, and insight than what they previously had with legacy technologies. Rookout empowers engineers to instantly get code level data and solve customer issues, easier and faster.
Rookout’s dynamic observability platform saves engineers hours of work and reduces debugging and logging time by 80% – with zero friction, overhead, or risk. Using non-breaking breakpoints, Rookout enables engineers to find Logs, Metrics, and Traces they need in real-time and streamline it anywhere, to better understand and advance their software, without stopping their app or waiting for a new deployment.
Rookout’s Live Debugger and Live Logger were designed from the ground up for production environments and modern application architecture remedies the challenges that face engineers in a cloud-based environment by bringing a new and disruptive debugging solution with visual enrichments that help developers get immediate insight into their code.

On July 31, 2023, Dynatrace announced that it plans to acquire Rookout.