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Where the focus is on the future.

Proven enterprise technology.

We have areas of true expertise. And a devoted focus on them. We deepen, broaden, and add value to our core capabilities with the right partners.

Silicon & Optics

Silicon & Optics

  • High-speed Optics
  • Processor Architectures
  • Supply Chain Diversification
  • Vertical Integration
Services & CX

Services & CX

  • Cloud Modernization
  • Multi-cloud Ops
  • Data Management
  • Network Automation


  • Seamless Collaboration
  • Hybrid Workplace
  • AI-powered Experiences
  • Meaningful Interactions


  • Cloud-native
  • Intelligent Data
  • Code Automation
  • Services Clouds
IT Ops

IT Ops

  • Monitoring
  • Automation
  • Workload Optimization


  • Elastic Security
  • Adaptive Awareness
  • Continuous Authentication
  • Simplified Security
Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking

  • Future Work
  • Application Optimization
  • Multi-cloud Expansion
  • Network Acceleration
  • Zero-trust Compliance


  • Secure Connectivity
  • Unified OT Data
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • AI Operations
  • Edge Computing
Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies

& Incubation

& Incubation

  • IT Stack Modernization
  • Actionable Data
  • Data Security
  • Cloud-native Deployment
Mass Scale

Mass Scale



  • Routed Optical Networks
  • 5G Architectures
  • Coherent Optics
  • Silicon Components
Data Center

Data Center



  • Network Automation
  • Multi-vendor/Multi-cloud
  • X-function Teams
  • Predictive Networking

Where you connect with global development expertise.

With us by your side, investment and M&A is only the beginning. Accelerate innovation with access to a powerhouse of sales and marketing, a global customer base, and thought leaders. Learn what the right kind of success can mean for you.

Thought leadership

Our goal is to connect you with the right experts to drive growth, and anticipate short- and long-term customer needs. Access and engage with our domain and cross-functional experts to find an innovation path that works for you.

Strong salesforce

Cisco gives your organization an audience built for sales—now and into the future. We develop and launch commercial relationships thanks to high-level access and early conversations.


Cisco Investments, Corporate Development, and our domain businesses work with you throughout your journey. Reap the full benefits of this unique partnership with the help of our Portfolio Development team and board representatives.

A place for startups to become stellar enterprises.

Every company needs help from other people. But great things happen when they are the right people.

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Investing isn’t something we do ‘when we feel like it.’ It’s part of the company, and it’s strategic.

— Janey Hoe, Vice President, Cisco Investments

We look for expertise, and those with eyes on the same future.

— Jon Koplin, Managing Director, Cisco Investments

Our ability to see around corners means we always know what’s next.

— Derek Idemoto, Senior Vice President, Cisco Investments

We’re deeply embedded in business with confident market motion.

— Prasad Parthasarathi, Senior Director, Cisco Investments

It’s not about a singular outcome. We look at the combination of strategic intent and financial returns.

— Aleem Rizvon, Vice President, Cisco Investments

Where you build your vision with like-minded innovators.

It’s true we sometimes disrupt entire industries. This disruption is the result of our success. We pursue positive progress, where every venture takes us one step further into building an inclusive future through innovation.

100s of Millions

Invested Annually


Portfolio Companies


Investments in Venture Funds


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Dawning Ctr West Twr Shanghai 201103 No500 Hongbaoshi Rd, Changning District Shanghai, Shanghai 201103 China

Tel Aviv

Rothschild Boulevard 3 Tel Aviv-yafo, Tel Aviv 6688106 Israel


Brigade South Parade No. 10, Mahatma Gandhi Road Bangalore, Karnataka 560001 India

Hong Kong

Great Eagle Centre 23 Harbour Road, Wan Chai Hong Kong, Hong Kong 0 Hong Kong


10 Finsbury Square London, England EC2A 1AF United Kingdom

San Jose

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San Francisco

303 2nd Street San Francisco, CA 94107 United States

Building a future-forward culture.

We live and think far beyond Silicon Valley. With more geographic points of entry than any other corporate venture firm, the Cisco presence is global. And projects like our Aspire Fund put us at the forefront of a diverse, rich, collaborative technology community. It’s the right thing to do.

A Diverse Global Community

Changing the world can begin anywhere, and with anyone. That’s why we’re pursuing positive progress through a more diverse, inclusive, global technology community—one focused on the next generation of innovation.


Beyond VC, beyond M&A, Cisco is where inclusive innovation begins.