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Phil Tee
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Co-Founder & CEO of CloudCherry

Security Never Goes Out of Style

  Cybersecurity is a top of mind issue these days, but few people know as much about where the future is headed as Prasad Parthasarathi, leader of Cisco’s security domain portfolio. Hear which critical security topics and strategies are on his mind, including why self-attack is the best defense, why Zero-Trust excites him, companies he’s keeping an eye on, and how Taylor Swift and the Avengers serve as inspirations.  

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Improving student success in higher ed

A conversation with Ari Winkleman | Involvio Founder and CEO College is a market ripe for innovation. Involvio, a Cisco Investments portfolio company, is at the head of an EdTech class of innovators revolutionizing how colleges think about the student experience and what it means to operate a “data-driven campus.” We sat down with Involvio’s CEO and founder Ari Winkleman to get his take on what today’s college students want,

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Facebook Live with Cohesity and Kespry

Learn how Cisco Investments brings innovation to Cisco, our partners and customers in the latest Facebook Live.