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"When we were ready to bring partners onto the cap table who could give us go to market leverage over the next couple of years, Cisco was the first call."
Kris Beevers
CEO and Co-Founder of NS1
"Cisco Investments’ connections extend our reach and allow us to focus on what really matters - driving our joint value proposition to customers together."
Mohit Aron
CEO/Founder of Cohesity
“Money is green, but all money spends the same. More importantly, it's about finding a partner who can help you accelerate and amplify your impact. Cisco Investments has done that for us.”
Adnan Iqbal
CEO and Co-Founder of LumaHealth
"The biggest differentiator of Cisco Investments is their Portfolio Development arm. Their commitment to our success is evident across the board, giving us access to Cisco teams, global customers and helping us focus on the deals that are best for our business. They're our gut check."
Vara Kumar
CTO and Co-Founder of Whatfix

JupiterOne: Securing the Complete Cyber Asset Universe

When you’re a security professional tasked with securing “all the assets in your organization,” the fundamental question which arises is, “What assets do I have?” While it appears to be a benign question , the answer has become increasingly complicated for two reasons. First, the definition of cyber asset varies greatly depending on whether its security operations, security engineering, IT, development, or DevOps. Second, because we live in a software-defined world with virtual servers, containers, access rows, and more, the traditional “asset” is made up of multiple granular atomic assets, with unique security and compliance implications.

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TriggerMesh: Connecting Serverless Applications in a Microservices Base Architecture 

TriggerMesh comes to market in the cloud-native space with an impressive pedigree. Even before starting the company, Big tech, from Google to GitLab, had consulted co-founders Sebastien Goasguen and Mark Hinkle on how to build and deploy cloud-native infrastructure. This ultimately led Sebastien and Mark to design the software that provides a key middleware layer in serverless and event-driven application connectivity.

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MAGNETIC Israel | A Virtual Summit

Tech leaders share unique insights and advice for Israeli startup founders and CEOs.