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"Cisco Investments’ connections extend our reach and allow us to focus on what really matters - driving our joint value proposition to customers together."
Mohit Aron
CEO/Founder of Cohesity
“Our relationship with Cisco Investments has helped us sell, recruit, innovate and compete far more effectively than we could have imagined.”
Phil Tee
CEO of Moogsoft
“The Portfolio Development Team at Cisco Investments is our Strategy and GTM team rolled into one.”
Vinod Muthukrishnan
Co-Founder & CEO of CloudCherry

Dremio – the more things change, the more they stay the same

Much has changed in the world of big data & analytics since we first invested in Dremio in 2018. Data lakes, which were largely synonymous with the term Big Data since the emergence of Hadoop as a force more than half a decade ago, saw sometimes disappointing commercial consolidation (Cloudera & Hortworks, HPE & MapR) on one hand, contrasted by the establishment of core data lake technology as a component of analytical reference stacks on the other.

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Cisco invests in Sealights, a software quality intelligence company

  We all agree that testing is crucial before launching new software. But unnecessary testing can often be as harmful as no testing at all, causing undue and even fatal delays. SeaLights has created a quality intelligence platform that has speeded up the process considerably. SeaLights co-founder and CEO Eran Sher explains how the platform works, the role that Cisco Investments plays, and how SeaLights is Eran’s fourth-count ’em-fourth startup venture.

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Facebook Live with Cohesity and Kespry

Learn how Cisco Investments brings innovation to Cisco, our partners and customers in the latest Facebook Live.