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Let’s build a legacy together.
"Cisco Investments’ connections extend our reach and allow us to focus on what really matters - driving our joint value proposition to customers together."
Mohit Aron
CEO/Founder of Cohesity
“Our relationship with Cisco Investments has helped us sell, recruit, innovate and compete far more effectively than we could have imagined.”
Phil Tee
CEO of Moogsoft
“The Portfolio Development Team at Cisco Investments is our Strategy and GTM team rolled into one.”
Vinod Muthukrishnan
Co-Founder & CEO of CloudCherry
“Cisco’s Investments team is a critical partner in our go-to-market strategy. They create a force multiplier effect on our pipeline and growth, and they have become a part of the Illusive family.”
Tracy Pallas
VP Channel Sales of illusive networks

Accelerating Data Management with Dremio

In the distant past, the professionals we refer to today as data scientists were primordial creatures who pieced together business intelligence from green and white striped dot-matrix outputs, deep in the basements of office buildings, to solve relatively esoteric actuarial problems. Fast forward – today’s data scientist or business analyst lives in a world of exponential data growth, sourced from all manner of sensors, computational devices, and repositories, and has the audience and ability to drive direct ROI on lines of business.

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Investment startups show how they keep Cisco on the cutting-edge of innovation at Cisco Live Orlando

Playing matchmaker isn’t typically considered a key to bolstering innovation, but for Cisco Investments, we see this as key to helping our portfolio grow. At Cisco Live Orlando, we shared how creating a conversation between our portfolio and Cisco’s customers and partners can foster innovation. By enabling our entrepreneurs to share their passion for technology, we create a win-win situation – our startups solve our customers’ and partners’ most pressing problems, and our customers stay on top of cutting edge technology and market trends.

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Facebook Live with Cohesity and Kespry

Learn how Cisco Investments brings innovation to Cisco, our partners and customers in the latest Facebook Live.