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Connections | Cisco Investments

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Your gateway into the ultimate innovation ecosystem.

A partnership with Cisco is multi-dimensional, and our dedicated team of experts makes sure you benefit from all opportunities to drive business and achieve goals.

Our Portfolio Development and Market Development teams work together seamlessly to accelerate your business. Access product integrations, powerful connections with our customers and sellers, marketing and events spotlights, and new perspectives from our customers’ executive networks and the wider VC community. Our team is your team.

High-quality access to the right network

An investment from Cisco reaches far beyond capital. Our portfolio companies gain access to top industry leaders, global markets, and world class customers and partners.

The Cisco sales force

Leverage the power of our global sales team—22,000 strong—to speed up time-to-market.

The Cisco customer base

We have customers from every corner of the world, eager to work with you to solve the challenges of the future.

Growing For The Future

The Cisco Investments team can draw upon Cisco's vast experience of acquiring companies to help founders think through critical company building issues such as fundraising, governance, business metrics setting and tracking, team building, and incentive structure. To learn more, please click here.

Partner network

Get unparalleled access to new opportunities and markets with our vast network of channel partners. It’s the ultimate scaling machine.

Cisco engineering

Every day, we tackle some of the hardest engineering problems. Partner with our development experts, and receive feedback on your idea, product, or service.

Cisco is a world-class technology engine—waiting to support, nurture and realize your vision.

Leveraging one of the most influential companies in the world, Cisco can attract new customers, deliver more sales, and drive profits. It can fuel early brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and expand market reach.