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Alon Weinberg | Cisco Investments

Alon Weinberg


`Picture of Alon Weinberg`

What I Do

My goal is to find startups and businesses that are synergetic to Cisco product portfolio or can fill a white space for Cisco. The challenge is also engaging in the right timing and with founders that have the grit and vision to look for the long run. Leading Israel, I have the task of exposing one of the most important tech innovation eco-systems to Cisco.

What I’m Passionate About

I’m passionate about working with founders who have the right balance between practical execution and big vision. In my line of work, I have the rare chance to meet exceptional people – brilliant minds that are inspiring change and shaking up the status quo across the globe.

Outside of work I spend most of the time with my two boys, spouse, and family.

I look for startups and founders with a clear vision and actionable strategies who aren’t afraid to learn and develop over time. The trait that I appreciate the most is personal and professional integrity.

Where I’ve Been

I started my career in engineering, moved to product management, and then had a cup of coffee in sales and business development. This path helped me realize that I like to have a broad view of things. VC is a perfect place for that – especially at Cisco Investments.

Where I Learned

I did my degree in computer engineering in the Technion and after several years of work did an MBA at INSEAD.


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