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Internet of Things | Cisco Investments

The past decade was a foundational phase that connected once-isolated “things” securely. The next phase will be about building on that connectivity, leveraging operations data to drive efficiency and resiliency of OT assets, processes, and sites.

To us, IoT is as much about humans as it is about machines and automation. IoT seeks to augment worker productivity, not replace it. And we believe that the human element is critical to the success of IoT adoption. 

Innovators developing IoT solutions with a focus on critical business needs will find like minds and a ready embrace at Cisco. 


Dr. Steve Silwa

Co-founder and Board Vice Chairman

“Manufacturers will continue to see their volume of data grow as new connected devices and sensors come into play. Cisco’s scalable networking infrastructure allows our customers to gain value from this data. As a partner, Cisco Investments provides Seeq with connections to industry leaders, customers, and partners who accelerate our growth around the world.”

— Dr. Steve Sliwa, Co-founder and Board Vice Chairman, Seeq

“To be successful at an enterprise level, companies must continuously strive to maximize the productivity of all their operational processes. Visual intelligence can provide the insights and resulting actions around even the smallest detail of operational activity to fully leverage their technology and employee investments.”

— Chuck Myers, CEO, Cogniac
Chuck Myers