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Rangeforce | Cisco Investments

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  • Security and Security Services

Leadership Team

  • Taavi Must, CEO
  • Jaanus Kink
  • Margus Ernits
  • Sten Reimann

Cisco Investments Team


RangeForce is a cybersecurity simulation and skill development platform. Our architecture brings a modern cloud-based approach to cybersecurity upskilling, giving organizations realistic and scalable on-demand cyber exercises.

After collaborating on a cyber-range project for NATO, our founders realized that interactive cybersecurity training was critical to preparing teams for real cyber threats. Furthermore, they discovered that very few organizations had access to NATO’s level of resources or that kind of learning environment. They knew that effective hands-on training would be out of reach for many, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. It was at that point that  the team was inspired to deliver a solution, and the initial architecture for RangeForce began to become a reality.

Our solution reimagines the way cybersecurity professionals build skills and validate cyber defense readiness. RangeForce empowers organizations with both individual and team exercises designed to instill the skills and reflexes to defend against real cyber attacks. We believe that with our platform, any team can achieve world-class cyber readiness.