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Neetta Shetty | Cisco Investments

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Neetta Shetty

Senior Manager

`Picture of Neetta Shetty`

What I Do

I lead our efforts in building GTM for our portfolio companies in the cybersecurity space. My main goal is to help our incredible portfolio companies unlock their true potential and take their businesses to new heights.

What I’m Passionate About

As a Portfolio Development leader, I’m passionate about working with startups and founders who keep customers in the center of their decision-making. At the end of the day, keeping customers satisfied is one of the best business strategies to follow.

When I’m not working with the best and brightest cybersecurity startups, I’m checking out new coffee shops in my area. Because coffee is always a good idea.

Winning is always better when you do it with a team.

If I’m making a positive impact on a portfolio company, you’ll probably notice me smiling at work.

I love running in my free time. Not necessarily because I want to live longer but because I strive to live life to the fullest.

Where I’ve Been

I was born and raised in Pune, India and have spent my entire career helping customers embed technology in their business processes. That way, they have the chance to increase profitability and enhance productivity. My work spans many countries, and my most enjoyable time as a professional has always been with Cisco, where I’ve been for more than a decade.

Where I Learned

I earned my bachelor’s degree in computer science from Pune University in India. Fun fact about my alma mater: Pune University is often called “The Oxford of the East” and occupies 411 acres in Pune. It’s easy to get lost!



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