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Startup Snapshot - Catching Up with our Portfolio Companies in December 2023 | Cisco Investments

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Startup Snapshot - Catching Up with our Portfolio Companies in December 2023

Cisco Investments Team

Cisco is always on the lookout for exciting new tech companies that are shaking up industries with their innovative solutions. Whether it's groundbreaking AI or cutting-edge cybersecurity, our diverse investment portfolio is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the digital age. This strategic approach ensures that our customers have access to the latest and greatest solutions, driving innovation and keeping organizations competitive in the ever-changing tech landscape.

New Investments

  • SGNL focuses on modernizing enterprise authorization through its continuous access management platform. This platform offers zero standing access, thereby safeguarding sensitive data and preventing potential security breaches.

  • Aviz Networks, a leading provider of solutions for Open, Cloud, and AI first networks, delivers switch platform agnostic applications and APIs for network observability, orchestration, and assurance. The company also supports multi-vendor SONiC deployments in data centers and edge networks, striving to make SONiC a universally accessible and intelligent NOS.

Update from Partner Summit

Cisco is expanding its Observability Platform with seven new modules aimed at enhancing its full-stack observability ecosystem. Focused on five critical areas - Business Insights, SAP Visibility, Networking, Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) & Service Level Objectives (SLO), and Sustainability - these new modules are designed by development partners to cater to specific customer needs, enabling them to extract additional value from observable telemetry. Among the modules available on the Cisco Observability Platform, two are products of our startups:

  • DataRobot – MLOps by Evolutio: Extends observability for both predictive AI and generative AI, with always-on monitoring and production diagnostics to track and improve performance of your models. Stay informed of key metrics like service health, accuracy and data drift.

  • Nobl9 – Service Level Objectives (SLO): Provides a platform for defining and creating SLO for understanding reliability across organizations and share remaining error budget for given services as well as SLO-related visualizations for workloads. Learn more about Nobl9, including their comprehensive integration with Microsoft Azure Monitor.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Robust Intelligence’s webinar "Testing to Red Teaming: What’s Wrong with My AI?" discusses the importance of red teaming in AI systems for identifying security, ethical, and operational vulnerabilities, a technique that has been recognized in the White House Executive Order on AI, the NIST AI Risk Management Framework, and the EU AI Act. It delves into the definition of red teaming, its significance in internal and external testing of AI models, its real-world application, and the role of automated testing in maintaining AI system safety.

Quantum Networking

  • Aliro is advocating for Quantum Secure Communication (QSC), a protocol running over entanglement-based quantum networks. QSC is provably secure, compatible with existing infrastructures, and offers additional application possibilities beyond protection, allowing organizations to preemptively address the quantum threat and prepare for the advantages of future quantum technologies.


  • Binalyze AIR 4.0 streamlines digital forensics and incident response investigations by offering a consolidated view of evidence and intelligent prioritization, reducing the need for multiple tools and enhancing efficiency. Its intuitive design fosters collaboration among team members and guides users to launch tasks or perform actions swiftly. Watch their on-demand webinar for a full demonstration of Binalyze’s cutting-edge AIR DFIR platform.

  • RangeForce's (AR)² Readiness Program enhances cyber defense readiness by quickly identifying and addressing cybersecurity team skill gaps. By assessing threats and capabilities, creating tailored training plans, and constantly reviewing and repeating the process, the program ensures teams stay updated and ready to tackle new challenges.

  • SafeGuard Cyber introduces FirstSight, a next-generation integrated cloud communications security and compliance platform that leverages Contextual AI to detect and prioritize remediation of high-impact threats across various communication channels. 

  • Island now offers customers the ability to transact through both the AWS Marketplace and the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, taking advantage of the growth in the cloud infrastructure market to provide efficient, innovative solutions for businesses. Island uses these services to deliver backend services for its Enterprise Browser platform, contributing to the shift to IaaS and SaaS, improving productivity, securing sensitive data, and centralizing access controls, security, and data protection.

Cloud and Data Center

  • HYCU announces new updates to R-Cloud to provide customers additional protection for their AWS applications across their data lifecycle, from build to runtime. The company also announced it had hit the 50th as-a-Service integration milestone for its SaaS data protection as a service platform.


  • Edge Delta is adding support for ingesting Kubernetes metrics, streamlining the process of data collection, analysis, and ingestion. The new feature provides users with a comprehensive overview of their organization's data landscape, and highlighting affected services for faster resolution in case of anomalies.


  • Acqueon's new eBook on Revenue Generation provides insights and practical approaches to navigate the complex challenges of revenue generation and recovery amid intense competition, changing consumer behaviors, and economic uncertainties in modern business landscape.

  • Everest Group recognizes Whatfix as a Leader for the fourth time and a Star Performer for the second time in its Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023, making it one of two vendors recognized as both. Whatfix, which was responsible for a significant portion of the annual DAP revenue, saw strong YoY growth in 2022, improved customer satisfaction, and made enhancements to its DAP offerings, contributing to its leading position in the DAP industry.

  • Uniphore announces significant innovations to its X Platform, aimed at enabling enterprises to deliver better business results through enhanced customer and employee experiences, by ensuring the successful integration of Knowledge AI, Emotion AI, and Generative AI.

  • Switchboard is now officially out of beta. Switchboard’s async-first collaboration platform is designed to help you move faster with fewer meetings. Instead of scheduling a meeting, you can share ideas, give feedback, and even make decisions asynchronously in interactive rooms.

  • Aisera outlines the benefits of Omnichannel customer service, including higher sales conversions and better customer insights, and offers advice on effectively implementing an omnichannel approach, emphasizing the growing role of AI in enhancing customer service efficiency and experience.

If you are looking to connect with a startup or delve deeper into our portfolio of more than 100 startups, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Our dedicated team is eager to assist you by providing additional information, addressing your specific interests, and ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of our portfolio.