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Cogniac | Cisco Investments

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Today, the scale and speed of business requires equally quick and expansive visual inspection capabilities. This reality creates a burden for businesses that don’t employ AI model creation and image analysis. As a result, there is now demand for custom, cost-effective computer vision solutions that are easy to implement. 

Cogniac’s no-code AI platform is unique in its simplicity. Any organization can embed the Cogniac platform into its operations. When implemented, enterprise companies can maximize their visual data using the latest AI models, cloud computing, and big data management.

Cogniac’s platform provides a more dynamic solution based on computer vision that can scan a broader range of images and video data while requiring minimal training to become operationally-ready. With Cogniac, enterprise companies can configure and implement computer vision models to observe and inspect their operations through an easy-to-use, interactive graphical workflow experience.. This nimble approach enables faster experimentation, development, and deployment.