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Andrew Chong | Cisco Investments

Andrew Chong


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What I Do

As a Manager on the Cisco Investments team, I help discover the most exciting tech startups in the world and provide them with the means to execute their visions. As strategic investors, our team is always assessing whether there is a strategic alignment between a startup and Cisco's business units. Even with no natural touchpoint to explore, I’m always eager to connect with teams that have high energy and focused vision. 

What I’m Passionate About 

I have a passion for both investments and M&A, which is what drew me to this unique role in the first place. 

For me, the perfect Saturday morning would be an early tee time at Bethpage with family or digging through crates of vinyl at a local record store. 

My proudest moment since joining Cisco was when our team closed our investment in Styra shortly after announcing three acquisitions in the same week. Styra was my first investment here at Cisco, and the single-week acquisition trifecta (which included Kenna Security, my first M&A deal) was the first in Cisco's history. Many firsts in a short span of time!

My core values are open-mindedness, curiosity, intellectual honesty, and humor. I try to put these values into practice every day of my life. 

Where I’ve Been

The basis of my knowledge and experience comes from my previous roles in equity research at MoffettNathanson and Nomura. Over the years, my focus areas have been Networking, IT, Telecom, Cable, and Satellite. 

Where I Learned 

I earned a BS in Business from New York University’s Stern School of Business. 


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