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The New Era in Enterprise at Cisco Live! | Cisco Investments

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The New Era in Enterprise at Cisco Live!

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Neetta Shetty

Cisco Live 2023 returns to Las Vegas on June 4-8 at a time of dynamic change and uncertainty for the enterprise.

Enterprises today find themselves in a brave new world of opportunities and challenges. It started with the COVID lockdowns and has been fueled since then by economic and geopolitical upheaval. 

This new era calls for new tools and technologies. The network architectures of the past are not up to the task of handling today’s relentless demand for digital solutions that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Innovations in areas like full stack observability, cybersecurity, and multi-cloud networking are becoming the new must-haves for enterprises seeking to survive and thrive in this unpredictable environment.

We hope you’ll join us in Las Vegas (or online for our global broadcast) to explore the possibilities of IT, gain knowledge, cultivate a vision, and more. In particular, we at Cisco Investments hope you’ll come see us at the Cisco Investments Village, where we’ll zero in on the theme of the New Era in Enterprise.

What we’re doing at Cisco Live

Get ready to meet the dynamic lineup of fourteen startups from our portfolio who will be showcasing their innovations in domains as varied as security, collaboration, observability, cloud, and networking at the Cisco Investments Village. 

Also, be sure to take advantage of our VIP briefings — we’re offering them again this year.  

These VIP briefings, exclusively designed for Cisco customers, is where you'll have the chance to meet cutting-edge startups that Cisco is actively investing in. Share your specific technology interests, and our dedicated team will curate a customized tour that aligns perfectly with your preferences. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through innovation.


Security startups

The Pioneer and Leader in the Enterprise Browser Market

Island is a pioneer and leader in the enterprise browser market. Traditional web browsers are built for the consumer market and are not capable of offering the high-level security, visibility, and privacy needed by enterprise users.

The Enterprise Browser developed by Island simplifies the security stack and gives organizations complete policy control, visibility, and governance over the last mile — from the network to the end device — while delivering a safer, more efficient, and more productive browsing environment.

It's Time To Secure Your SaaS Data

AppOmni is a leading provider of SaaS security software that makes it easy for security and IT teams to protect and monitor their entire SaaS environment, across all standard and custom SaaS applications. 

Today, every SaaS platform has its own language for logging, access controls, API integrations, and third-party applications, making it a nightmare for even the most capable of security teams to translate across the 150+ SaaS applications running in a typical enterprise. 

AppOmni provides a universal translator for SaaS systems — call it the Rosetta Stone of SaaS Security — using patented technology that continuously scans APIs, security controls, and configuration settings to compare the current state of enterprise SaaS deployments against best practices and business intent. 

Reduce Risk, Complexity, and Cost for Your SOC

Hunters’ autonomous threat hunting solution detects cyberattacks that bypass existing controls in every IT environment, reducing risk, complexity, and costs for the security operations center.

Today’s distributed workforce has changed the cybersecurity workplace. The dynamic has increased the challenges for security operations and risk management teams, who must integrate a portfolio of cyber tools across disparate IT landscapes to protect their network against cyberattacks, including an influx of ransom threats.

Hunters uses machine learning to extend threat detection and response across every attack surface — a capability increasingly known as ‘XDR.’ It ingests rich security telemetry and intelligence from a wide array of data sources and IT environments like cloud and network, and enriches threat signals with unique tactics, techniques, and procedure-based (TTP) attack intelligence.

A proactive approach to managing open source

Tidelift offers a proactive approach to managing open source, helping organizations improve the resilience of the open source software powering modern applications. 

With open source, developers can rapidly create and deploy applications at a lower cost — it’s why open source has become the modern application development platform for the enterprise.  But the presence of open source components at the heart of so many enterprise applications raises questions: Is the component being maintained? Does it have security vulnerabilities? Does it meet government standards? And so on.

Tidelift’s proactive, maintainer-backed approach to managing the open source software supply chain reduces risk and increases development velocity, so development teams can create more incredible software, even faster. 

8% of Your Users Cause 89% of Your Security Incidents

In a world where 8% of an organization’s users cause 89% of their security incidents, the Elevate Platform provides cyber risk intelligence that helps organizations radically improve how they make and apply security decisions.

The platform combines advanced risk analytics, decision modeling, and AI in an open and extensible platform that allows organizations to visualize and reduce workforce risk, enable risk-based safeguards, and understand and apply risk trends.

DataControls.Cloud - One Cloud for Complete Data Intelligence and Controls.

Securiti is a leader in Unified Data Controls. Data usage is growing exponentially, bringing with it both massive opportunities and perilous security, compliance, and privacy risks. Securiti exists to help companies address these and other challenges associated with data and cloud migration.

Securiti’s DataControls Cloud enables a centralized DataCommand Center for visibility, controls, and orchestrations for data across public clouds, data clouds, private cloud, and SaaS. It unifies controls for data security, privacy, governance, and compliance in one place. One cloud for complete data intelligence and controls.

Identity Security Platform

With its turnkey Identity Security Platform, Oort’s mission is to help customers adopt an identity-first approach to enterprise security, starting with Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR).

Identity is at the root of numerous high-profile security breaches. In a world where the modern workforce is changing, Oort helps small and large distributed enterprise organizations secure the identities of employees, contractors, third parties and vendors, any of which could pose a substantial threat.

The Oort platform gives security teams full visibility and control over their identity attack surface and gives CISOs the insights they need to understand and secure their population of employees and contractors against social engineering and insider threats.

We deliver end-to-end AI Integrity to protect organizations from AI risk.

Robust Intelligence delivers end-to-end AI integrity to protect organizations from AI risk. The rapid pace AI development is driven in part by the availability of public model repositories. While these repositories have made sophisticated models widely accessible to organizations, it's incredibly difficult to assess any given model for security, ethical, and operational risks.

Robust Intelligence’s AI Risk Database is a free and community-supported resource to evaluate AI supply chain risk in open source models. The database includes comprehensive test results and corresponding risk scores for over 170,000 models, as well as a growing number of vulnerability reports submitted by AI and cybersecurity researchers.

The database enables the safe use of third-party models and is one of many steps companies can take to instill integrity in their AI systems.

Observability startups

Trust is Earned. Reliability is Engineered.

Nobl9 is the first service level observability platform that adds business context to software delivery. Through software-defined Service Level Objectives (SLOs), Nobl9 helps software developers, DevOps practitioners, and reliability engineers deliver reliable features faster. 

SLOs are measurable targets of an SLA mutually agreed upon by the software provider and its customer. Nobl9 enriches data from popular enterprise observability systems and fits into developer workflows using popular DevOps and collaboration tools. The Nobl9 platform helps enterprises accelerate engineering, set clear software reliability goals, and ensure end user happiness. 

Mission Control for Your Observability Data

Edge Delta is a leading observability platform that analyzes and extracts data insights using distributed stream processing and federated machine learning. Think of it as mission control for your observability data.

Faced with the tsunami of data impacting organizations today, traditional approaches for collecting and analyzing data — that is, pushing all data to the cloud for analysis — no longer works. Edge Delta is fundamentally changing the way data is used to derive insights. Rather than moving all data to the cloud, it can be evaluated at its source, enabling accessibility and visibility into 100% of datasets, in an automated, proactive, ultra-fast and scalable solution. 

Edge Delta is the first and only player in Edge Observability, enabling customers to harness the power of enterprise data while generating significant gains in cloud spend and mean time to resolution (MTTR). As a result, DevOps, SRE, and security teams can identify system behaviors automatically and get ahead of growing hotspots and anomalies, providing more time to resolve problems rather than diagnose them.

Collaboration startups

ChatGPT and Generative AI for Enterprises

Aisera is a leading provider of ChatGPT and generative AI solutions for enterprises. Its mission is to help large, medium, and small enterprises transform their business operating model with self-service by significantly reducing operational expenses, boosting revenue growth, and enabling human-like experiences.

Aisera offers enterprise GPT generative AI solutions for IT, HR, Customer Service, Contact Center, Sales & Marketing and Finance departments. Its enterprise co-pilot supports multimodal user experiences (digital, voice, mobile, API) for AI & Automation.

Its AI Service Experience (AISX) Platform includes verticalized domain-specific Large Language Models, generative AI, unsupervised AI, knowledge graph, AI workflows, user-behavioral Conversational Dialog Engine (CDE), and end-to-end security and trust. Aisera customers typically experience 75% or more automation in user requests and an 80% reduction in customer operations costs.

Voiceitt and Webex by Cisco Make Video Chats Accessible for People with Disabilities

Voiceitt’s proprietary automatic speech recognition (ASR) enables people with speech disabilities to access mainstream voice technologies, communicate by voice, and be understood. 

Voiceitt combines machine learning with expert speech analysis for predictions unique to each user. Using data from an individual user’s speech, cadence, breath, and pauses, Voiceitt’s machine learning creates a dataset unique to the user’s speech patterns. Its team of speech and language experts annotate speech samples to calibrate and refine the algorithm, ensuring accurate prediction for the broadest range of speech. Voiceitt and Webex by Cisco make video chats accessible for people with disabilities. 

Reimagine CX with AI-Powered Understanding

As a leader in Conversational Service Automation, Uniphore’s vision is to disrupt an outdated customer service model by bridging the gap between human and machine using voice, AI, and automation to ensure that every voice on every call is truly heard. In essence, it’s reimagining CX with AI-powered understanding. 

Uniphore enables businesses globally to deliver transformational customer service by providing an automation platform where digital agents take over transactional conversations from humans, coach agents during calls, and accurately predict language, emotion, and intent — all in real time. As a result, enterprises can engage their customers to effectively build loyalty, improve customer experience, and realize operational efficiencies.

Enterprise Networking startups

Make Meraki Smart Cameras Even Smarter

With its enterprise-class AI-driven image and video analysis system, Cogniac is well on its way to becoming the world’s leading visual operations intelligence platform.

Today, the scale and speed of business requires equally quick and expansive visual inspection capabilities. With Cogniac’s no-code AI platform embedded in their operations, enterprise can configure and implement computer vision models to observe and inspect their operations through an easy-to-use, interactive graphical workflow experience.

Cogniac’s vision is to help customers build smarter, more automated spaces that enhance employee productivity, improve the customer experience, and automate operations without adding infrastructure. Through its partnership with Cisco Meraki, Cogniac accelerates the delivery of AI-powered computer vision applications at the edge of the network, making Meraki smart cameras even smarter.

Let’s go

The theme of this year’s Cisco Live is “Let’s go.” In this new era of dynamic change, complexity, opportunity, and risk, we at Cisco Investments urge you to lean into change and innovation — because standing still is not an option.

And that’s not all, we’re giving away limited-edition Cisco Investments lightsabers when you meet with our startups. Plus, you can enter our raffle for some amazing prizes, too. 


So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

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