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Aviz Networks | Cisco Investments

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Aviz Networks

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  • US


  • Silicon and Optics

Leadership Team

  • Vishal Shukla, Co-founder and CEO
  • Chid Perumal, Co-founder and CTO
  • Gautam Agrawal, Co-founder and CPO

Cisco Investment Team


Aviz Networks Job Board


Aviz Networks is a leading provider of solutions for Open, Cloud, and AI-first networks. Aviz delivers switch platform agnostic, easy-to-use applications for network observability, orchestration, and assurance. Aviz also provides disaggregated support for multi-vendor SONiC deployments in data centers & edge networks. Aviz is on a mission to make SONiC a ubiquitous, accessible, and intelligent NOS for every stakeholder.