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Kay Min | Cisco Investments

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Kay Min

Senior Director

`Picture of Kay Min`

What I Do

I’m responsible for all of Cisco’s acquisitions and investments in Hardware with most of my time spent in the areas of Silicon and Optics.

What I’m Passionate About

I have a strong passion for discovering startups that know how to bring real solutions to the market and don’t exist solely as a solution looking for a problem.

You know things are going well when you hear the Finance team say, “Can we write a bigger check?” during an Investment Review Board approval.

My hobbies include long-distance running, reading non-fiction, and wine tasting. More accurately, wine drinking. But that doesn’t sound like a hobby.

There are no bad days when you start the day with a nice long run, and if you own a dog like Molly.

I’m in my happy place when I’m able to invest in and acquire companies for an operating company – a company that builds products and offers services. 

Where I’ve Been

I joined the Cisco Investments team in 2011. Before that, I traveled the world as a product manager in optical networking. Companies I worked for in the past include large companies like Lucent Bell Labs and Pirelli and startups such as Photuris, where I was a co-founder.

Where I Learned

I earned my MBA degree from Georgetown University and my BS degree in ceramic (material science) engineering from Rutgers University. Guess which degree people ask me about most often? Hint: It’s the one that focuses on the science and technology of creating objects from materials.  But the real learning was from being a hands on product manager for large companies and for a start-up where you wear many hats.


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