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Mimi Dang | Cisco Investments

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Mimi Dang


`Picture of Mimi Dang`

What I Do

I’m a relatively fresh face at Cisco, but I already feel like I’m at home. Currently, I work with and invest in the best and brightest startups in the CX and Mass-Scale Infrastructure domains. If it involves transforming customer experience in their cloud journeys or broadening broadband access to the world, you’ve got my attention.

What I’m Passionate About

I’m passionate about working with founders who have a vision for the future and a passion for solving complex pain points at scale.

The keys on a piano are black and white. But in my mind, they sound like a million different colors, all equal in their importance and beauty.

High-intensity interval training and startup companies are not dissimilar. To be successful at either, one must be willing to push themselves to the limit – just outside their comfort zone. That’s where the magic is found.

My core values are integrity, honesty, and positivity. Each holds value on its own, but when combined, they become vital ingredients in my recipe for success.

Where I’ve Been

I started my investment career back when I was an Associate at HarbourVest Partners in 2017. My experience there exposed me to several startup companies in many different industries and growth stages. Watching them evolve and work with venture/ growth investors set the stage for where I am in my professional life.

Where I Learned

I recently graduated from the Wharton School in Philadelphia with an MBA in Business Analytics, Operations Information & Decisions, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. At Wharton, I learned how to nurture a great idea into a remarkable venture – a priceless lesson, especially considering my current role with Cisco.


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