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Seungki Kim | Cisco Investments

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Seungki Kim


`Picture of Seungki Kim`

What I Do

In the post-COVID world we entered into a new era of lifestyle, communication and collaboration, and I look to invest in / acquire companies that are best positioned to meet the new requirements and spearhead the next disruption in technology, whether in connectivity, cybersecurity, observability & more. I’m happiest when the companies I work with become a catalyst of growth for Cisco’s as a whole.

What I’m Passionate About

I have always had a passion for tech and enterprise software. As part of Cisco Investments, I will pour that passion into my portfolio companies.

Life is about enjoying the little things. And few things feel as good as sipping on a fresh glass of lager after a round of golf.

It sounds cliche, but teamwork really does make the dream work. Especially when it’s constructive teamwork at the enterprise level.

My Jindo puppy isn’t my whole life. But he makes my life whole.

Compared to some of my colleagues, I’m relatively recent to Cisco Investments. But I feel like I’ve been here for years.

I’m constantly craving intellectual challenges. Learning about a new technology trend, or structuring complex mergers & acquisitions scratches that itch.

Where I’ve Been

My career began as an investment banker with Oppenheimer & Co. in New York City, where I focused on M&A and restructuring transactions. After leaving Oppenheimer & Co., I continued my journey as an investment banker with BMO Capital Markets’ Technology M&A group. This role allowed me to focus on and advise clients in the enterprise software space, where my passion for tech and startups grew. I found my home with Cisco in 2019 and couldn’t be happier. Today, I focus on working with innovative companies across multiple domains where Cisco actively plays in.

Where I Learned

I graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Economics.


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