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Rajiv Menon | Cisco Investments

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Rajiv Menon

Senior Director

`Picture of Rajiv Menon`

What I Do

As Head of Acquisitions and Investments across Asia Pacific and Japan, I lead an experienced and thoughtful team that sources, works with and helps build cutting-edge startups.

What I’m Passionate About

I’m passionate about fitness and peak performance. I’ve been lucky to have played sports and engaged in intense physical activities throughout my life. It’s a huge part of me and anchors me as an individual.

I LLLLOVE hanging out with and around my 2 kids. No amount of time spent with them is too much. Its endless fun.

I am inspired and excited by original thinking. Occasionally I come up with some too 😉 !

I enjoy exploring nuanced, abstract topics with my closest friends. I find that deep insightful conversations about seemingly simple topics expand my horizons.

They say playing polo is a bit like playing golf while riding a motorbike during an earthquake. But, it’s one of my favorite activities in my free time.

I get paid to learn every day. I meet amazing founders regularly, frequently need to educate myself before I meet them and always learn during the meeting. Does it get better?

Where I’ve Been

I got my start in VC and M&A from within Cisco. Before Cisco, I was a co-founder and made the thrilling but gut-wrenching journey that most, if not all founders, make. I feel lucky to have walked the hard path founders do (even successful ones!) and now to be learning the investor perspective. 

Where I Learned

I was born and raised in New Delhi and earned my master’s in Finance from the University of Delhi.


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