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Pankaj Mitra | Cisco Investments

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Pankaj Mitra


`Picture of Pankaj Mitra`

What I Do

As domain leader for our CX business, I lead our investments and M&A activity for our $13B+ services portfolio and the underlying automation and tooling fabric.  We are looking for leading edge services and tooling companies to partner with Cisco CX to deliver superlative experiences for our customers.

In addition, as geo leader for India, I lead our investments and M&A activity for the dynamic and rapidly evolving enterprise technology ecosystem in India.

What I’m Passionate About

I'm passionate about meeting ambitious entrepreneurs and building partnerships that last. Seeing a relationship grow from early-stage to scaling and eventually market leading is an incredibly rewarding experience.

I believe that reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. My workout routine involves keeping up to date on the latest in business and the latent engineer in me likes to devour the latest in technology., Outside of work, I consume varied reading genres, and I particularly enjoy biographies and hard sci-fi!

My core values are integrity, collaboration, and a healthy bias for detail.

As a soccer fan, I can tell you that scoring a goal is rare without someone passing you the ball first...  Ultimately, collaboration, commitment and sportsmanship win the game.  I enjoy the highly collaborative culture here at Cisco Investments with the founders and teams of our portfolio and acquired companies.

Where I’ve Been

My journey to Cisco Investments has been somewhat non-traditional.  I started out as an engineer, architect and product manager for the first few years of my career.  A few years back, I got the opportunity to work in Corp Dev. "M&A and investments?" I asked my future employer.  "I've never done that before."  "Well, we're looking for folks who have worked on and understand SaaS business models."  And just like that, my entry into the world of deal-making began.

Where I Learned

I earned my MBA from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and my BTech EE from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur..  Having spent significant time in the Bay Area, I’m now based out of Bangalore, and love returning to the Bay Area from time to time to connect with friends and colleagues.


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