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Mike Lim | Cisco Investments

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Mike Lim


`Picture of Mike Lim`

What I Do

As the Collaboration domain leader, I am responsible for all of Cisco’s investments and acquisitions in Collaboration. Most of my time is spent working with innovative startups with strategic relevance to Cisco – from sourcing, qualifying, transacting and accelerating venture investments to end-to-end M&A execution.  I am also the leader of our early-in-career Associate team members, whom I enjoy mentoring and coaching. 

What I’m Passionate About

I’m passionate about working with founders who have a strategic vision, ability to not only execute but adapt to changes along the way, and tenacity to persevere through the ups and downs.  

Few things are as rewarding to me as helping people realize their full potential whether it’s helping founders leverage what Cisco has to offer or coaching and mentoring early-in-career team members.

I love to travel. Immersing myself in different cultures through food, experiences, and music helps me develop broader, diverse perspectives.

Diversity matters to me because it’s hard to get to the right answer without considering different perspectives.

I have a special passion for traditional Korean home cooking, especially my grandma's oxtail soup. It's a lengthy 5+ hour process from start to finish but something that brings me back to my childhood and reminds me of my favorite things – family and food.

I love sports because it brings out my competitive spirit.  I root for Michigan Wolverines basketball and football, UNC Tar Heels basketball and Carolina Panthers as well as any player who’s on my Fantasy Football team roster.

Where I’ve Been

I started my career in M&A over 15 years ago, most of that time as an M&A banker focusing on strategic deals in the broader technology sector at Deutsche Bank, BMO and ING and a brief stint on the transaction accounting and M&A valuation side at PWC.  I joined the Cisco Investments team in 2017 and have focused on venture and M&A across various domains including Collaboration, Data Analytics, Cloud & Compute and Networking.

Where I Learned

I earned my BBA degree from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, concentrating in Finance and Accounting.  Those who stay will be champions!  



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