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Jon Harms | Cisco Investments

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Jon Harms


`Picture of Jon Harms`

What I Do

As the investment and corporate development lead for AppDynamics and the Emerging Technology and Incubation business unit, I spend my time with founders striving to make a long-term impact on how infrastructure is consumed and managed. It’s a broad, somewhat open-ended mandate with implications across Cisco. These days I find myself thinking a lot about full-stack observability, cloud-native developer tools, edge computing and data science platforms. 

What I’m Passionate About

Technology is in my blood. I grew up in Silicon Valley, built my first computer when I was 8, worked in IT through high school and studied computer science at UCLA. I can’t think of a more exciting job that gives me more exposure to a variety of technologies than what I do at Cisco.

I get excited thinking about bleeding-edge technologies and what the future holds. That’s the beauty of this sector: it’s always changing, it has a direct impact on our daily lives and there’s always something new to learn.

Venture and M&A are an art, not a science. No two deals are the same. At the end of the day, we are working with people, and people are driven by their individual motivations. This job never gets old.

Transformational doesn’t mean big. Deals measured in billions are exciting and fun to brag about, but I’ve really developed an appreciation for early stage companies with huge, sometimes crazy, ambitions.

I have a five-year-old Pitbull mix at home. Her name is Bailey. She demands a large chunk of my free time, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have a lot of hobbies and am always learning new things. I enjoy sailing, following Bay Area sports, playing chess and collecting wine.

Where I’ve Been

Before joining Cisco, I spent several years as an investment banker advising large tech companies on their headline cloud acquisitions.

Where I Learned

I earned my MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and my BS in Computer Science from UCLA.


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