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Janey Hoe | Cisco Investments

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Janey Hoe

Vice President

`Picture of Janey Hoe`

What I Do

As a VP at Cisco Investments, I lead a dedicated team of investors across Collaboration, Security, and Analytics domains, as well as the China region.

What I’m Passionate About

I’m passionate about working with founders that I admire. That means go-getters who are optimistic, energetic, and who live and breathe their company’s vision. Ultimately, I’m passionate about working with passionate people. I’m a firm believer that hard work and positivity pay dividends. That’s true for my team at Cisco Investments and for the exciting startups with whom we’re working.

Show me an idea that solves a real customer pain point. When you do that better than anyone else, you’ve got my attention.

Where I’ve Been

A large part of my experience involves pioneering new products in switching, security, and video collaboration for Cisco, but prior to that, I was a management consultant and worked on network protocol research.

Where I Learned

I earned a BS and MS in electrical engineering and computer sciences from U.C. Berkeley and MIT, respectively.


  • US
  • China


  • Leadership
  • Investment Team


  • Security and Security Services
  • Collaboration