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Chuki Ofili | Cisco Investments

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Chuki Ofili


`Picture of Chuki Ofili`

What I Do

My role involves discovering, analyzing, and executing investment and M&A deals with the world’s most promising tech startups.  

What I’m Passionate About

I’m passionate about partnering with brilliant founders who develop cutting-edge technologies that change the world. I find joy in helping to scale their vision and accomplishment in creating value for Cisco Investments.

I believe that unconditional love can be found as close as your nearest animal shelter.

Making a difference in life is like playing the game of golf. You’ve got to keep working on your swing to make any sort of progress.

Collaboration is one of the most crucial keys to success. After all, great things in business are rarely achieved by one person.

Where I’ve Been

My journey to Cisco Investments began as an investment banker at Standard Bank’s Africa-focused M&A group. There, I spent eight years raising capital and implementing M&A transactions for promising startups and corporations that have revolutionized the face of capacity building, job creation, and growth on the continent. This experience strengthened my conviction in the power of deploying capital to drive innovation and create long-term value. I’m excited about doing the same for Cisco Investments daily.

Where I Learned

I received a BSc in International Securities, Investment and Banking from the University of Reading and an MSc in Investment Management from Cass Business School.  During the COVID-19 pandemic in August 2020, I made the life-changing decision to move from Johannesburg to Philadelphia, where I earned my MBA from The Wharton School.


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