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Ankur Saxena | Cisco Investments

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Ankur Saxena

Senior Manager

`Picture of Ankur Saxena`

What I Do

I love to help high-potential startups scale into titans of their industry. Every day, I wake up and look forward to working with the most brilliant, driven founding teams in the world. Watching them apply innovative tech applications and solve critical business problems is like being on cloud nine all the time.

What I’m Passionate About

I’m passionate about working with startup founders who are chasing their dreams, not quick returns. Money might make the world go around, but big ideas can change it.

I’m addicted to the internet of things. If IoT were a baseball game, the last decade would only be the first inning. The real game begins now with IoT driving real business impact.

One of my core values is humility because it drives growth. Without it, one can never realize their shortcomings and, by proxy, their true potential.

Having a front-row seat at a baseball game is fun. Having a front-row seat to the disruption driven by IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud is so much better.

You must have time and resources to grow. And the best startup founders thrive without much of either.

Life is all about finding balance. When I’m on the clock, I’m hungry for new ideas to scale. When I’m off the clock, I’m inventing games and puzzles to keep my dog occupied.

Where I’ve Been

I have held many roles in the world of venture investments, private equity, and investment banking. My time with Amazon, the Carlyle Group, Helion Venture Partners, Avendus Capital, and PwC, provided me with a strong foundation of finance, which led me to join Cisco Investments in 2016. Today, I focus on IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning domains.

Where I Learned

My formal education began in India, where I earned a B. Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur. After advising and financing Indian startups and helping the entrepreneurship ecosystem grow, I made the trip to the U.S., earning an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.


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