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Aleem Rizvon | Cisco Investments

Aleem Rizvon

Vice President

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What I Do

I lead a team of dedicated professionals that are leading Cisco into new, exciting markets and industries worldwide. Current domains we are focusing on include Mass-Scale Infrastructure, Customer Experiences (CX), Cloud, and Enterprise Networking. We are passionate about the evolution of the Internet including 5G, High speed Networking, Network Automation and IOT/Telematics. Additionally, the team also covers innovation coming out of the Asia Pacific and Japan theater.

What I’m Passionate About

I’m passionate about closing the digital divide and working with like-minded innovators to make the Internet and all that it has to offer more affordable and more accessible than ever before. What the pandemic has made painfully obvious to all of us is that access to high-speed internet is critical for distance learning, remote healthcare, fulltime telecommuting, and videoconferencing. And for the roughly 40% of the world’s population that still remains offline, the pandemic hit especially hard.

Internet access is a human right and I love working with founders to build the internet for the future and solve industry problems and create exponential improvements over current solutions.

While I am not working on Internet technologies, I like to travel with my family. I can’t wait for the world to reopen for travel so I can visit my family and friends and get to see new places and enjoy new experiences.

Where I’ve Been

I have been fortunate to work on advanced technologies my entire career, from IP/packet switching to VoIP to Mobile/Wireless Networking. I like the corporate dev role as it gives me an opportunity to leverage my technology & business experience and be of help to founders in their own entrepreneurial journey.

Where I Learned

The world of technology has always fascinated me. I followed my passion as I went to college and pursued a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering from National Institute of Technology in India and a master’s in computer science and engineering from The University of Texas at Arlington.


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