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  • Israel


  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Center Networking

Leadership Team

  • Eran Kirzner, CEO
  • Avigdor Willenz
  • George Agasandian
  • Muli Ben-Yehuda
  • Ofir Efrati
  • Sagi Grimberg

Cisco Investments Team




Lightbits Labs (Lightbits®), makes a high-performance data platform that is simple, scalable, and cost-efficient for any cloud. The software-defined block storage solution is simple to consume and delivers dramatically improved hardware efficiency with its innovative Intelligent Flash Management technology while accelerating high performance database and big data analytics applications.

Organizations are under enormous pressure to store, manage, process, and protect large volumes of data economically while ensuring the data is always accessible to the applications that need it. Legacy solutions may deliver performance and scalability, but they come with tradeoffs in complexity and cost. Lightbits solves all of that by delivering a simple, cost-efficient, highly performant and scalable data platform. At Lightbits, we recognize that IT organizations need a storage solution that is scalable but simple and works with standard hardware and networking components while delivering industry leading performance. 

Our modern data platform delivers scale, performance, and efficiency (on par with what the hyperscalers have achieved for their IT infrastructures) for structured data, but without the high cost and army of engineers. Our team is leading innovation in data storage by providing modern software solutions at a cost that won’t break our customers budgets.