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Your Guide to Innovation at Cisco Live Orlando | Cisco Investments

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Your Guide to Innovation at Cisco Live Orlando

Cisco Investments Team

Because Cisco Investments plays a crucial role in providing customers with the latest in innovation alongside Cisco’s robust product portfolio, we partner with the most cutting-edge startups to shape the future of technology. These companies align with our strategic areas including Security, IoT, Cloud, Data Center, and Collaboration.

At this year’s Cisco Live Orlando, you can witness first-hand the technology that Cisco is betting on to make not only our customers' and partners' lives better but to improve the world by visiting the Cisco Investments Village in the World of Solutions.

Twenty-two startups in the Cisco Investments portfolio from around the globe will showcase how their solutions solve some of the largest challenges we face today in technology. Like the inventor of the zipper or the creator of Velcro, these companies are problem solvers and inventors who aren’t afraid to dream. Many of the companies are using A.I. to solve various issues, from infrastructure management to collaboration.

To help you in your quest at Cisco Live to learn more about these imaginative problem-solvers and their solutions, we have created this guide for you.

Security — the guardians

As businesses become more digitized, they are exposed to more threats if they don’t correctly manage information. Cisco recognizes effective security is crucial to innovation in the new economy, which is why a significant number of the companies at Cisco Live Orlando address several different aspects of protection with their innovative solutions.

Two companies offer a strategic way to manage threats and response with analytics. Exabeam, for example, is a security and intelligence platform that provides end-to-end detection, analytics, and response capabilities. Verodin focuses on data and has built a platform to measure, manage and improve cybersecurity effectiveness by removing assumptions to prove security effectiveness with quantifiable, evidence-based data.

RedLock uses an AI-driven approach that provides a unified view of risks across fragmented cloud environments, enabling organizations to accelerate digital business by managing security and compliance risks within their public cloud infrastructure. ThreatQ’s delivers an open and extensible threat intelligence platform (TIP) to provide defenders the context, customization, and collaboration needed for security effectiveness and threat operations and management.

Have you ever thought about improved security based on deception? Illusive uses deception-based technology that neutralizes targeted attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) by creating a deceptive layer across the network.

Behaviosec brings a human side to security. It verifies and confirms a user’s identity by monitoring how they naturally interact with their device through behavioral biometrics. And Flashpoint goes to a place where many of us wouldn’t dare. They are the leading commercial provider of intelligence from the Deep and Dark Web. Duo Security streamlines security access with two-factor authentication, endpoint remediation, and secure single sign-on tools, making the end user experience seamless while strengthening your protections.

Data Center — the keepers

Data is currency for businesses only if we can store it and access it. Cohesity, whose mission is to remake secondary data storage, consolidates secondary storage silos such as backup, DR, file and object services, and analytic functions (to name a few) onto a single hyper-converged, web-scale data platform. With many companies transitioning to the cloud, two of our startups, Stratoscale and CTERA, offer solutions to ease this transition. Stratoscale’s software delivers robust cloud building blocks to modernize and future-proof the on-prem enterprise environment, aligning it with the public cloud, while CTERA enables enterprise IT to provide secure file services from any cloud. Avi Networks will show how its software-defined application services allow one-click centralized management of hundreds of Load Balancers, both on-prem and in public cloud.

Big Data and Infrastructure — the movers and shakers  

As we produce more and more data, not only must we manage it, but our networks must evolve to support it. Three companies, pioneers in Big Data and infrastructure, address these concerns with innovations in cloud and data storage for the modern era.

Big Data company, Kyligence, focuses on the Apache Kylin open-source project, global user community expansion, Apache Kylin-based next-generation enterprise data warehousing and business intelligence, and Big Data analysis and solutions. To assist our customers with infrastructure evolution and efficiency, two companies provide

smarter and faster operations for modern networks. Moogsoft, a next-gen platform for IT, develops AIOps technology that automatically identifies performance issues, helping enterprise ITOps and DevOps get immediate insight to manage problems proactively before they spin out of control. This helps the teams become faster, smarter, and more effective. And Dremio, the missing link between data lakes, empowers business users to curate precisely the data they need, from any data source, then accelerate analytical processing for BI tools, machine learning, data science, and SQL clients.

Collaboration  — making voices heard

In a world where we are now more connected than ever before, Cisco looks for ways to further improve collaboration and communication with our customers. Five leading-edge companies focused specifically on better communication through various technology solutions will be present.

In a recent blog, we shared how Gong would deliver the next level of self-efficacy with its AI software. This will be Gong’s first time at Cisco Live and they will share first-hand how sales teams use Gong to record, transcribe, and analyze sales conversations. Dynamic Signal, is disrupting the collaboration realm by focusing on employee engagement, something never prioritized before in Enterprise communications. It offers a communication platform for companies to modernize, streamline, and measure communication and engagement to reach employees.

Voicea uses A.I. to harness the power of voice in the workplace and connects what happens in meetings to the rest of the collaboration workflow. Two companies, Helpshift and CloudCherry, focus on improving the customer experience. Helpshift uses an AI-Powered Customer Service Platform to provide messaging-based support over phone calls, emails and web-forms, using deep learning, artificial intelligence, and chatbots to provide fast, personalized, and cost-effective customer service. And CloudCherry allows companies to tune into the Voice of the Customer with its next-generation Experience Management platform.

IoT — the networkers  

As more and more devices come online and connect, we look to build networks to support the Internet of Things. PubNub offers a secure global Data Stream Network (DSN) and easy-to-use API that enables its customers to connect, scale, and manage real-time applications and IoT Devices. Our connected networks also provide opportunities to use connected devices, like Upskill’s AR-enabled glasses, to enhance hands-on worker productivity. Check out our blog on Upskill to read more about how their wearables are helping the manufacturing sector improve worker productivity and efficiency to combat the pressure of rising manufacturing costs.

Cisco Investments on Stage

Cisco Investments senior leadership will also be present. In fact, Rob Salvagno, VP of Corporate Development, will be on the Innovation Showcase stage sharing how we are “Driving Innovation through Investments and Acquisitions”. You can also watch this live on the Cisco Live broadcast and see this opportunity to better understand how Cisco sees these solutions integrating into our strategy.

I also invite you to my session, “How Disruptive Innovation Drives Impact,” to gain a deeper understanding of how Cisco's global customer base stays ahead of the competition by tapping into Cisco Investments’ portfolio companies. I’ll be joined by Mike Silvey, co-founder of Moogsoft, a platform revolutionizing how companies apply AI to IT operations, and Guru Chahal, VP of Product at Avi Networks, software for the delivery of enterprise applications in data centers and clouds.

Get ready to imagine intuitive

We hope, after reviewing this guide for Cisco Live 2018, you are as excited as we are. Each year, Cisco Live is a place for the brightest and most forward-thinking minds in technology to converge, ask questions, learn, and dream. We invite you to meet with us at the Cisco Investments Village and explore our new technologies, ask questions, and, like the inventors before us, create solutions that move our world forward.