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What's in Store at CloudCherry 2018 | Cisco Investments

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What's in Store at CloudCherry 2018

 Vinod Muthukrishnan, CloudCherry's avatar

 Vinod Muthukrishnan, CloudCherry

In today’s Outcome Economy, it’s not just about selling a great product, but selling one that impacts the end customer the right way. Organizations are increasingly placing a premium on delivering positive outcomes across all functions, and driving a financial outcome from every single function and action they take. That includes customer experience. In fact, CX is rapidly making its way to the top of the priority list in many organizations, but the question still remains - What is the tangible impact of CX? What is the revenue derived from it?

CloudCherry, an industry-leading Customer Experience solution, helps organizations drive profitability through delightful customer experiences, and ultimately power the outcome economy.

This starts with understanding and mapping the journeys customers take with organizations today. Along the customer journey, CloudCherry empowers organizations to integrate experiential data with ‘dark data’ (transactional, demographic, observational and clickstream data) and analyse the effect of CX on customer loyalty, transaction and advocacy. By bringing these integrations into the customer journey, CloudCherry delivers predictive insights on how customer experience strategies can drive financial outcomes, and helps understand the correlations between various factors that influence CX. A journey-based approach to customer experience supported by seamless integrations and predictive analytics not just drives customer centricity but also accelerates business outcomes.

Furthermore, CloudCherry is not vertical or industry-specific as organizations ranging from education, healthcare and aviation to retail, banking and hospitality are seeing tangible impact, improving key metrics, extracting financial returns from CX programs, and ultimately, creating more happy customers.

PUMA, one of the world’s leading sports brands, was finding it difficult to collect and action customer feedback across their stores in Singapore. Initially, they relied on insights from mystery shopping audits to improve the in-store shopping experience. This was both time consuming and cumbersome.

Powered by CloudCherry’s CEM solution, Puma was able to harness the power of feedback data and draw intelligent and actionable insights from it. These insights helped the brand deliver personalized experiences, address negative feedback on time and improve customer loyalty in a dynamic retail environment.

CloudCherry’s platform has been evolving constantly to make managing customer experiences simple, easy and delightful for global enterprises. Integrating experiential data with other systems of record and deriving predictive insights along the customer journey allows organizations to stay proactive in engaging with customers, resolving their queries and driving wider strategic improvements.

CloudCherry was recognized in Gartner’s 2017 Market guide for ‘Voice of Customer’ solutions: delivering accurate feedback through well-timed surveys and deploying state-of-the-art customer analytics algorithms to develop the overall CEM space. Propelled by Cisco Investments, CloudCherry works closely with Cisco’s disruptive tools which shape the future of many large global organizations.

In a market with endless possibilities, CloudCherry ensures that organizations can effectively listen to customers and capture data in interesting ways, across multiple digital and physical touchpoints. Powered by an omni-channel framework, the CX platform makes feedback management seamless, centralized and holistic so that multiple teams can align themselves around specific customer goals and metrics.


On August 26th, Cisco announced its intent to acquire CloudCherry.