Cohesity: Solving Mass Data Fragmentation
Cohesity is one of the fastest-growing companies in Cisco Investments’ portfolio, and they’re led by one fascinating CEO: Mohit Aron.
Silicon Optics
Silicon: Why We Doubled Down When Other...
Kay Min, leader of Cisco’s silicon domain for Cisco Investments, breaks down why Cisco kept a strategic focus on this area and how that decision led to some big insights and investments, including OmniTier, a Bay-Area startup focused on memory-centric, high-performance computing.
Asia Pacific
Investing in Asia Pacific: The Hotbeds and Startups Cisco’s Watching
Asia Pacific is home to some of the most vibrant startup ecosystems in the world – from Tokyo to Sydney to Bangalore. Rajiv Menon, Cisco’s Head of Investment and M&A practice for Asia-Pacific and Japan, breaks down the trends fostering these regional hotbeds and how it’s led to our own investment in exciting startups like Deskera and Whatfix.
Higher Education
Involvio: Improving student success in higher ed
College is a market ripe for innovation. Involvio, a Cisco Investments portfolio company, is at the head of an EdTech class of innovators revolutionizing how colleges think about the student experience and what it means to operate a “data-driven campus.”
Security Never Goes Out of Style
Cybersecurity is a top of mind issue these days, but few people know as much about where the future is headed as Prasad Parthasarathi, leader of Cisco’s security domain portfolio. Hear which critical security topics and strategies are on his mind, including why self-attack is the best defense, why Zero-Trust excites him, companies he’s keeping an eye on, and how Taylor Swift and the Avengers serve as inspirations.
Luma Health: Don’t just say ‘aaah.’ Say ‘awesome.’
According to Adnan Iqbal, CEO and co-founder of Luma Health, “Needing healthcare is hard, but actually getting to healthcare should be easy.” Find out how this mobile-first patient communication startup is remedying that – creating a “medical break-through” of red tape, waiting times and costs.
Data & Analytics
Unlocking Unprecedented Value
As a Cisco Investments leader, Phil’s eyes are always on the future. And what a future it is. In this interview, Phil breaks down the investment areas and startups he’s most excited about – from AI-Ops with Moogsoft, to customer-centric platforms with Kustomer, to machine learning with DataRobot – and how these powerful technologies are unlocking unprecedented value in the enterprise.
Moogsoft: Pioneering AI for IT Operations
Today’s IT Operations teams are struggling under a mountain of alerts and tickets. In this interview, Moogsoft’s Co-Founder and CEO Phil Tee shares how their purpose-built artificial intelligence algorithms are helping today’s IT teams cut through the noise, detect issues earlier, and fix problems faster.
Internet of Things
Investing in IoT: Finding a Method to the Madness
Amit Chaturvedy, Head of our IoT and Enterprise Networking domains, describes the IoT use cases gaining the most traction, the trends driving the next frontier, and the startups leading the way – including Upskill, Prospera, and Kespry.
Rookout: A Game-Changer for Productivity
It’s a jungle out there, especially if you’re trying to retrieve data through multiple servers and several levels of software. Rookout gives you the ability to circumnavigate both.