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Soo Jin Park | Cisco Investments

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Soo Jin Park

Senior Manager

`Picture of Soo Jin Park`

What I Do

Cybersecurity is more critical now than ever before. My job is to find cutting-edge cybersecurity startups and give them the capital, resources, and expertise needed to help them succeed.

What I’m Passionate About

I am enamored by startups that are solving real-world problems in unique, innovative ways–especially companies with founders who can admit it when they made a mistake.

I constantly remind myself of what was aggravating in the earlier days of my career. That way, I can avoid portraying such qualities to my team. #honesty

If I’m not working, I’m exploring new places. I’m particularly fond of vineyards because I can wine as much as I want and get away from the skyscrapers.

I don’t own any expensive watches or cars, but I love reading/watching reviews on them. It helps me zone out from stressful moments.

Where I’ve Been

My experience spearheading M&A transactions dates back many years, to when I was an investment banker at Jefferies. Before I had both feet firmly in the world of Finance, I was a strategy consultant at Arthur D. Little. I am also proud to have served in the Republic of Korea Army.

Where I Learned

I earned an MBA from Kellogg School of Management. As an undergraduate, I earned a B.S. in Economics and a B.A. in German from the University of Wisconsin–Madison: home of the best mascot in the world, Bucky Badger.


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