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Startup Snapshot - Catching Up with our Portfolio Companies in May 2024 | Cisco Investments

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Startup Snapshot - Catching Up with our Portfolio Companies in May 2024

Cisco Investments Team

At Cisco, we seek out innovative technology startups that revolutionize industries with their cutting-edge solutions. Our dynamic investment portfolio adapts to the evolving needs of the digital era, ensuring our customers have the latest and most impactful solutions for maintaining a competitive advantage in the tech landscape.

New Investments

Corelight provides an industry first open network detection and response (NDR) platform, first powered by open source networking monitoring technology, and now by Generative Artificial Intelligence. Corelight has established itself in complex, mission critical larger enterprise and Federal use cases that prioritize depth and scale of network telemetry. Read our blog “Cisco plugs in to Corelight’s ‘fuel for modern security,’” to learn more about our investment in Corelight.

StrongDM is a unified Privilege Access Management platform that secures privileged access for microservices and cloud native environments while concurrently simplifying the identity tool sprawl for hybrid compute environments.  It consists of a gateway, deployed in the cloud or on-premises, managing access between users and assets, alongside a control plane coordinating these elements with existing identity systems. In our blog “Simplifying Privilege Access Management,” we break down our recent investment into StrongDM.

Artificial Intelligence

Cogniac created a guide for enterprises considering the adoption of computer vision technology, offering key insights on evaluation, implementation, and ensuring a quick return on investment. Cogniac’s No\Low Code CV platform makes it easier for businesses to create, deploy, and manage unlimited CV applications at enterprise scale.

Cloud and Data Center

HYCU, Inc. was awarded the 2024 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Backup and DR, in recognition of their industry-leading R-Cloud platform which provides comprehensive data protection services natively on Google Cloud, supporting an extensive array of Google services and surpassing 70 SaaS integrations.


Whatfix earned the distinction as a Customers' Choice in the Gartner Peer Insights report for its digital adoption platform (DAP), reflecting positive feedback and high ratings from large enterprises and being the only DAP vendor to receive this recognition in the Peer Insights Quadrant.


Aliro was named winner of the coveted Global InfoSec Awards, at RSA Conference 2024, for its leading secure networking solution from Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM), the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine. Aliro is building secure communications networks for today’s evolving threat landscape, and offers AliroNet™ to run advanced secure networks that are capable of supporting a wide variety of applications including modern secure communications, secure access to cloud and generative AI LLMs, data, and algorithms, and secure networking of quantum computers.


DataRobot was acknowledged by customers with the TrustRadius Top Rated Award for the third year in a row in data science, machine learning, and predictive analytics, showcasing the company's commitment to delivering AI-driven business value as reflected in genuine customer success stories.


Expel enhanced its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services with new offerings that provide organizations with flexible, budget-conscious security solutions, expanded automated remediation capabilities, and improved support for industry-leading SIEM solutions to better navigate the complex cybersecurity threat landscape.

Mitiga was honored with the Publisher's Choice for Cloud Threat Detection, Investigation & Response at the Global InfoSec Awards, reinforcing its commitment to pioneering advanced cloud security tools that provide SecOps teams with rapid, effective threat management and a significant reduction in incident response time.

Securiti AI recently introduced the Securiti LLM Firewall, a solution tailored to safeguard GenAI systems and applications. These distributed LLM firewalls, equipped with contextual understanding of data, elevate protection measures by scrutinizing and securing multilingual user prompts, LLM responses, and data retrievals.

Upstream unveiled Ocean AI to improve investigations and mitigation of complex cyber attacks, enabling customers to ask straightforward conversational and NLP questions to obtain answers from the massive data sets analyzed by Upstream’s mobility purpose-built XDR platform. Based on large language models (LLMs), Ocean AI analyzes data from myriad sources and mobility assets, making connections between otherwise siloed data to offer a comprehensive view, delivering unprecedented efficiencies and optimizations to the mobility or vehicle SOC.

Looking to connect with a startup or delve deeper into our portfolio of more than 100+ startups, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Our dedicated team is eager to assist you by providing additional information, addressing your specific interests, and ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of our portfolio.