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Startup Snapshot - Catching Up with our Portfolio Companies in November 2023 | Cisco Investments

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Startup Snapshot - Catching Up with our Portfolio Companies in November 2023

Cisco Investments Team

Cisco continues to grow its deep investment portfolio of companies who are bringing new solutions to our customers across several domains, including security, artificial intelligence, collaboration, quantum networking and more.

New Investments

  • Binalyze offers a cloud-based Automated Incident Response platform that reduces investigation time to under four hours. It collects over 350 evidence types within minutes and integrates with Cisco's XDR platform, providing a strong defense against cyberattacks. 

  • Mitiga, a cloud and SaaS Incident Response startup, offers a comprehensive Cloud Investigation and Response Automation (CIRA) platform designed to address the growing need for incident response and remediation in the cloud. The platform utilizes a cloud attack scenario library to proactively hunt for emerging attacks, gathering and analyzing forensic-level data to provide instant answers to breach-related questions.

  • Aliro Quantum provides quantum network configuration, control, and orchestration for America’s first industry-led commercially available quantum network, known as the EPB Quantum Network.


  • Elevate highlights Adaptive Trust, a security approach that prioritizes the protection of individuals rather than focusing solely on devices or networks.

  • Tidelift recently announced new product capabilities to help application development teams proactively manage open-source software supply chain-related risk, including new ways to access and use unique, human-validated data they're curating with their open-source maintainer partners.

Big Data 

  • DataRobot has partnered with Google Cloud to integrate advanced AI technologies into workflows, offering benefits like instant data access, enhanced data governance, and simplified deployments, thereby driving innovation and maximizing enterprise data value.


  • Sealights discusses how developers can reduce the overall number of end-to-end tests needed by identifying and running only those tests that are relevant for each build and release.

Cloud and Compute

  • Cohesity announces Cohesity Turing, a collection of AI/ML capabilities and technologies that bring the power of responsible AI to unlock various use cases for customers, while adhering to guiding principles of transparency, governance and secure access to data.

Contact Center

  • Acqueon explains how leveraging data analytics is essential for revenue generation in the digital age.


  • Voiceitt recently launched a new web app, revolutionizing the edtech sector by aiding children and adults with speech disabilities. It caters to the 7% of children who have had a communication disorder in the past year, enabling them to communicate in-person or virtually, even via Webex, thanks to a recent groundbreaking integration.

What's Happening

We've kicked off EXPLORE 2023. If you are a Cisco customer and would like to schedule a meeting with our industry-leading startups, make sure to sign up here.

If you are looking to connect with a startup or delve deeper into our portfolio of more than 100 startups, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at