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Startup Snapshot: Catching Up with Our Portfolio Companies in September 2023 | Cisco Investments

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Startup Snapshot: Catching Up with Our Portfolio Companies in September 2023

Cisco Investments Team

Cisco has a deep investment portfolio of startup companies who are bringing new solutions to our customers across a variety of technologies, including collaboration, security, artificial intelligence, cloud, and machine learning. This is the first of a new monthly series, that will take you on a journey through our startup portfolio, shining a spotlight on their latest developments and solutions:

Artificial Intelligence

  • Robust Intelligence discusses the White House's agreement on AI risk management, highlighting the growing concerns surrounding the potential risks associated with artificial intelligence.

  • Uniphore examines the rise of enterprise AI and its impressive human-like abilities, delving into the utilization of AI technologies to elevate customer satisfaction, optimize business activities, and facilitate more customized and understanding engagements.


  • Elevate Security highlights the transformative role of cybersecurity AI in driving change and enhancing security measures. 

Emerging Technologies and Incubation

  • Nobl9's observability and SLO (Service Level Objective) platform is now on Google Cloud Platform and Marketplace. This integration lets organizations easily use Nobl9's SLO management on GCP, ensuring reliable service delivery and optimizing cloud infrastructure.


  • Voiceitt has recently unveiled a groundbreaking stand-alone voice application designed to assist individuals with speech disabilities, offering them a powerful communication tool that enables users to overcome communication barriers, empowering them to express themselves more effectively and independently.

What’s Coming Up

Uniphore, Theta Lake, Acqueon and Switchboard will be attending WebexOne happening October 24-26 in Anaheim, California. It’s a can’t miss event featuring the biggest names in AI and Collaboration. Join the event to see how Cisco is revolutionizing hybrid work and customer experience.

If you are looking to connect with a startup or delve deeper into our portfolio of more than 100 startups, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Our dedicated team is eager to assist you by providing additional information, addressing your specific interests, and ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of our portfolio.