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Cisco Investments Presents Magnetic Security | Cisco Investments

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Cisco Investments Presents Magnetic Security

Cisco Investments Team

With the flurry of recent security, cybersecurity has never been more paramount to organizations and individuals than today. A single compromised cyber asset may lead to millions, if not billions of USD in damages on top of the reputational impairment that often isn’t quantifiable yet detrimental to organizations.

Realizing the pain points and ramifications of cyberattacks, Cisco has been at the forefront of innovating, pioneering, and bolstering its security offerings while investing heavily into startups with the latest technologies. In the last 12 months alone, Cisco Investments successfully invested in 6 disruptive cybersecurity companies and acquired a leading modern vulnerability prioritization platform. We meet with several cybersecurity startups in any given week and follow a stage-agnostic approach because great companies can be found at every stage.

Our Security team is eager to meet with entrepreneurs with unique, innovative offering sand is interested in partnering with Cisco to build a legacy together.

That’s why on August 11, 2021 (9 – 10:30 am PT), the Cisco Investments team will be hosting an engaging and live virtual summit for startup founders and investors, Magnetic Security. Bringing together Cisco executives, Cisco Investments leaders, and VCs, the event will share their unique insights about market trends and advice for scaling companies in the security market.

The event will kick off with fireside chats between Janey Hoe, Vice President and Cisco Head of Security and Application Investments and Acquisitions, and Gee Rittenhouse, Cisco’s Senior Vice President and GM of Security. Together, they’ll discuss Cisco’s security strategy, key insights on driving joint success with startups, and how they have successfully partnered with startups to build a joint go-to-market.

I’ll be moderating a panel discussion with leading security VC investors: Will Lin (ForgePoint Capital), Rama Sekhar (Norwest Venture Partners), and Ryan Gurney (YL Ventures). They’ll discuss some of the top insights from the 2021 CISO Survival Guide to Emerging Trends From the Startup Ecosystem, breaking down four major trends: SASE, Privacy & Compliance, DevSecOps, and Security Automation.

Don’t miss Cisco Investments’ Magnetic Security. Register here.