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Aavishkaar | Cisco Investments

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  • India


  • Silicon and Optics
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Leadership Team

  • Vineet Rai, CEO
  • Vineet Rai

Cisco Investments Team

Aavishkaar started in the year 2001 with a vision to invest in entrepreneurs building sustainable enterprises that can catalyze development impact for excluded communities and remote geographies across the globe. Aavishkaar's initial focus was India and now is taking its learnings to countries in South and South East Asia.

Over the years, Aavishkaar through its various initiatives in micro equity and micro finance space has pioneered the approach of building a financial ecosystem that would nurture entrepreneurs by providing risk capital for scalable rural focused enterprises. Our mission is to evolve an approach to investing that nurture entrepreneurs in building enterprises that can generate commercial returns while serving humanity sustainably.