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4Paradigm | Cisco Investments

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  • China


  • Full Stack Observability

Leadership Team

  • Wenyuan Dai, CEO
  • Feng Tian
  • Qiang Yang
  • Shiwei Hu
  • Wenyuan Dai
  • Yuqiang Chen

Cisco Investments Team

4Paradigm is an AI technology and service provider. With machine learning technology, 4Paradigm helps enterprises to improve work efficiency, reduce risks and achieve greater commercial values. Adhering to the mission of "Empower AI Transformation and Advance AI For Everyone", 4Paradigm has been promoting the rapid and scaled industrial application of AI relying on the technology and enterprise-level AI PaaS platforms including AutoML and transfer learning. Currently, 4Paradigm has extended the AI application in over 10,000 cases in the fields of finance, energy, retail, manufacturing and healthcare, facilitating every industry with AI innovation.