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Navigating the 2024 Tech Landscape: 8 Predictions from our Startups | Cisco Investments

Navigating the 2024 Tech Landscape: 8 Predictions from our Startups

Cisco Investments Team

As we transition into 2024, the rapid evolution of the technology landscape continues to create a dynamic mix of opportunities and challenges for businesses globally. Cybersecurity and AI, having been at the forefront of discussions in 2023, promise to remain pivotal in the coming year. In this blog, we present predictions from various startups on the key developments expected in 2024 and explore their potential impact on businesses.


In 2024, AppOmni experts foresee a rise in SaaS cyber risk, with AI-driven security challenges, new cyber threats, and more incidents involving SaaS applications. Despite these risks, there's a concerning overconfidence among organizations, leaving them underprepared for potential vulnerabilities. Proactive measures and decisive action are recommended to enhance SaaS security resilience. 


Generative AI is predicted to play a larger role in combating cybercrime in 2024. As businesses shift to multicloud environments, the need for visibility of their attack surface will intensify, and AI will be used for deeper data analysis. Cohesity also expects ransomware attacks to continue due to their ease and low-risk for attackers.


In 2024, Expel forecasts that CISOs will need to highlight their efficiency and ROI, and companies will have to offer a detailed view of their resilience profile. With familiar threats persisting, the focus will be on risk reduction and ROI, and AI's expanding role will present new challenges around value discernment and safety.

SafeGuard Cyber

In 2024, the cybersecurity landscape is expected to confront multiple challenges, including vulnerabilities from AI integration in business and increased scrutiny of ephemeral messaging apps. With threats ranging from multi-channel communication breaches to AI-fueled battles, businesses are urged to stay vigilant, adapt, and invest in comprehensive security strategies to mitigate these potential risks.

Secure Code Warrior

In 2024, Secure Code Warrior predicts a focus on developer retention and AI tooling in DevSecOps, with heightened accountability for software vendors and a shift towards proactive security programs. Key developments will include greater API security governance due to the rapid growth of APIs and a renewed emphasis on design flaws in the OWASP Top 10 list.


SGNL’s predictions for 2024 indicate a progressive shift in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) market, driven by businesses adapting to dynamic needs and market momentum. Crucial to this process are developers, with growth in cloud adoption and decentralization fueling the demand for centralized authorization management. Concurrently, economic expansion is expected to stimulate innovation, with increased investment activity and the continued rise of AI and Open Standards, enhancing the evolution of cybersecurity efforts.

Theta Lake

Theta Lake foresees major changes in communication compliance for 2024, including a wider regulatory focus, increased use of cloud-based collaboration tools, and the need for comprehensive record-keeping. Additionally, senior executives will face stiffer penalties for compliance breaches, and data control will become a critical concern for organizations.


Tidelift’s blog forecasts a 2024 resurgence of originalist free software principles, with pushback against profit-driven commercial projects, and anticipates new security regulations that may complicate progress in open source security. They suggest a shift towards prevention over remediation of vulnerabilities, highlights the potential of AI in this sector, and emphasizes the necessity of collaboration, indirect legislation, and the support for open source maintainers.

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**Please note that the tech predictions for 2024 presented in this blog are based on current trends and third-party opinions, and do not represent the official views or forecasts of Cisco Systems.