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Cisco + Cohesity: Transforming Enterprise Data Management | Cisco Investments

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Cloud Computing

Cisco + Cohesity: Transforming Enterprise Data Management

Cisco Investments Team

Enterprises are eager to find new solutions to simplify their data management. Years of depending on point solutions for application deployments has led to a fragmented array of infrastructure and management systems. Just for backups alone, these data management solutions typically comprise of disparate products such as backup software, media servers, master servers, target storage, cloud gateways, and more. The complexity of managing these systems together only increases as enterprises continue expanding to the cloud as well as other data management use cases. This proliferation of data across different locations, infrastructure silos, and management systems which prevents organizations from fully realizing their data’s value is known as mass data fragmentation.

In the past, many of us experienced similar complexity with some of our own consumer devices. Items ranging from a flashlight, camera, phone, video recorder, to a music player were all separate devices. The advent of the smartphone brought these devices together into one radically simplified platform. In the same way, Cohesity addresses mass data fragmentation by consolidating silos into one data management platform. The Cohesity Data Platform consolidates a wide range of data management use cases – starting with backups and extending to disaster recovery, testing and development, and analytics – onto a single data management solution that spans data centers and clouds.

Cisco + Cohesity: A Complete Data Solution

In partnership, Cisco and Cohesity address the enterprise challenge of mass data fragmentation by offering Cohesity software on world class Cisco UCS infrastructure to consolidate data silos. Additionally, we have worked together to integrate Cohesity on Cisco UCS with Cisco HyperFlex and deliver a Cisco Validated Design for a complete data solution to consolidate all data and apps. This solution offers a complete, combined delivery of primary storage, workload hosting, and data management— starting with backups, extending to disaster recovery, and analytics—within a single, unified architecture. We have simplified the purchase process for our solution as well. As a result of joining the Cisco SolutionsPlus program, Cohesity software is available on the Cisco Global Price list – enabling you to purchase our joint solution from a single source.

Cohesity at Cisco Live San Diego

The Cohesity team is excited to head out to Cisco Live San Diego to showcase our solutions. As part of the Cisco Investments portfolio, we will have a booth in the Investment Pavilion in addition to the World of Solutions. Visit Cohesity at the following locations to learn more about how we simplify data management and make your data more productive:

  • Investments Village booth #213-I

  • World of Solutions booth #2319

In addition, come join us at the following sessions and presentations:

Tuesday June 11

  1. Investments Village
    Title: Cisco and Cohesity partner to address mass data fragmentation
    Time: 3:20 PM - 3:35 PM
    Speaker: Damien Philip, Principal Solutions Architect


  1. Data Center Panel Session @ Investment Village
    Time: 1:20 PM - 1:50 PM
    Speaker: Rawlinson Rivera


  1. Expert Roundtable – Cisco Live Partner Xperience: Session ‘speed dating’
    Time: 4:15 PM – 5:30 PM
    Speaker: Joe Barnes

Thursday, June 13

  1. Investments Village
    Title: Cisco and Cohesity partner to address mass data fragmentation
    Time: 12:10pm - 12:25pm
    Speaker: Jon Hildebrand

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