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Cisco + Cohesity: Leading Change in Data Architecture | Cisco Investments

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Cisco + Cohesity: Leading Change in Data Architecture

Cisco Investments Team

Across industries, the amount of data generated by new applications, file formats, and technologies is growing exponentially. With massive data growth, IT administrators can find themselves rushed to implement project-driven point products without a central, cohesive architecture. Storing data across multiple silos and clouds grows administrative complexity significantly. The problem is particularly acute with secondary data workloads, such as backup, test/dev, disaster recovery, and archiving.

According to a recent study by Vanson Bourne, 63 percent of organizations have 4-15 copies of the same data. In the same study, 35 percent of respondents reported using six or more different solutions to manage all of their secondary data operations. The growing proliferation of data spread across a myriad of different locations, infrastructure silos, and management systems leads to mass data fragmentation. It drives up IT costs and complexity and prevents organizations from fully utilizing data’s value. To solve mass data fragmentation, IT needs a new way of thinking about data center architecture.

Solving data challenges together

Cisco recognized the importance of solving mass data fragmentation by investing and adding Cohesity to the Cisco Investments portfolio. This has accelerated opportunities for customers to eliminate disparate data silos for primary and secondary workloads. Industry-leading performance, independent scaling, and multiple hypervisor support make Cisco HyperFlex an ideal solution for consolidating primary data and workload hosting. The Cohesity software-defined platform on Cisco UCS consolidates secondary workloads, including integrated data protection, filer, object store, test/dev, and analytics. The efficiencies of silo elimination extend beyond infrastructure consolidation to unified operations and management for enterprise data. The solution also delivers unparalleled global efficiency through data deduplication across multiple workloads and clouds. The combination of Cisco HyperFlex and Cohesity on Cisco UCS provides IT administrators with a powerful new architecture to address the challenges of mass data fragmentation.

Learn more

Cisco and Cohesity engage in events across the world to help businesses better understand shifts in primary and secondary data architectures and using them for competitive advantage.

Come see us at Cisco Live in Barcelona January 28 – February 1!

You can find us at these locations on the show floor:

  • World of Solutions booth #G4

  • Cisco Investments Village

We will also have presentations in the following theaters:

  • Partner Theater

  • Innovation Theater

  • Investment Theater

Learn more about Cohesity’s theatre session at the Cisco Investments Village:What's it called? Cisco and Cohesity partner to address mass data fragmentation Who's Speaking? Damien Philip, Principal Solutions Architect What's it about? Data fuels business advantage, but mass data fragmentation is holding enterprises back. Cisco and Cohesity have partnered to solve the challenges of data sprawl and infrastructure silos with an integrated solution for primary and secondary data and apps respectively. Hyperconverged meets hyperconverged when Cisco HyperFlex integrates with Cohesity software on Cisco UCS. Redefine how your organization can consolidate primary workloads and secondary workflows including backups, disaster recovery, test and development, and analytics on an integrated Cisco-Cohesity solution. Learn how it can efficiently protect, store and manage your data and put it to work for your business. When's it happening? Times below - Tuesday, Jan 29th: 11:30-11:45 Wednesday, Jan 30th: 17:30-17:45 Thursday, Jan 31th: 11:00-11:15
See Cohesity founder and CEO Mohit Aron discuss the Cisco and Cohesity partnership. See Rob Salvagno VP, M&A and Investments at Cisco, discuss Cohesity and the Future of Innovation at Cisco Live 2018. You can also see our resources at this site: