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Cisco Partner Summit 2014 | Cisco Investments

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Cisco Partner Summit 2014

Cisco Investments Team

GTM planning is a significant part of Cisco’s value to potential Portfolio Companies.  As part of this effort, Cisco Investments provides its Portfolio Companies with access to an increasing number of GTM events.  One such event is Cisco Partner Summit, attended by VARs, ISVs, and large technology partners that play a significant role in Cisco’s channel strategy.

 This year, Cisco Investments, in partnership with the Cisco Solution Partner Program, included its Portfolio Companies in the Solutions Showcase at Partner Summit.   These companies had increased access to Cisco resellers and an enhanced set of options to partner with Cisco.  Participating portfolio companies included CTERA, MapR, SecurView, Teradici, and Rivermeadow.  These portfolio companies had dedicated help to ensure that each solution was Cisco Compatible, SIP-approved and specifically aimed at Cisco channel partners.  The solutions  spanned multiple Cisco technologies including Cloud, Big Data, Collaboration, Data Center, and Security.

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