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Cisco + Moogsoft: Delivering AIOps for Service Assurance | Cisco Investments

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Full Stack Observability

Cisco + Moogsoft: Delivering AIOps for Service Assurance

Cisco Investments Team

IT Operations teams face infrastructure environments that are larger and more complex than ever. These environments continue to grow in complexity as businesses strive to digitally transform nearly every aspect of their organizations and how they engage with customers. To succeed, Ops teams must manage increasingly diverse architectures with more applications and highly distributed infrastructure.

Furthermore, the rise of DevOps with its continuous integration and delivery mandate has replaced the old ways of building and managing software. While these environments continuously evolve, they still must continuously operate at peak performance. These changes to the infrastructure that powers the modern enterprise, the speed of business transformation, and how applications are built and managed have all placed tremendous stress on modern Operations teams. Making matters worse, their traditional rules-driven systems management tools are proving woefully insufficient.

Modern IT Operations teams need next-gen automation solutions. The emergence of AIOps — an analysis made through machine learning and artificial intelligence — monitors and manages systems in real-time, identifies potential issues swiftly, and reduces mean time to resolution to guarantee continuous service assurance.

Way back in 2014, Cisco recognized the importance of AIOps and made an early investment in Moogsoft, now one of the leaders in the space. Last August, Cisco and Moogsoft expanded their initial OEM agreement to partner together on product. Moogsoft is now an integral part of the new Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager, the closed loop automation platform. The gradual growth of this alliance from solutions provider to integrated event management technology has been rewarding for both companies, and our mutual customers. Cisco’s Service Provider business unit has provided Moogsoft to organizations across a number of key segments: global, enterprise, and commercial. Mutual customers comprise industries as diverse as healthcare, telecommunications, banking and legal.

Moogsoft AIOps platform automatically consumes real-time data from diverse sources throughout the enterprise, correlates the events within that data that truly matter, and immediately shares corrective insights with Operations team members. This enables Ops teams to work more intelligently and more quickly using an agile and proactive event resolution workflow for IT incident management and full-stack visibility. Moogsoft AIOps integrates tightly with existing performance monitoring tools like AppDynamics — another benefit to Cisco customers.

Learn more about Moogsoft at Cisco Live!

You can find Moogsoft at these locations on the show floor:

  • Moogsoft booth #3437

  • Solutions Provider demo area

  • Cisco Investments Village

Be sure to see Moogsoft CTO Will Cappelli, former Gartner analyst, speak at one of these 3 opportunities:

  • The Future of AIOps, Think Tank Theater, Monday June 10th, 12:40PM

  • The Economics of AIOps, Investments Village Theater, Monday June 10th, 2:00PM

  • The Economics of AIOps, Investments Village Theater, Wednesday June 12th, 12:10PM

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