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Your Guide to Innovation at Cisco Live San Diego | Cisco Investments

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Your Guide to Innovation at Cisco Live San Diego

Cisco Investments Team

Cisco Live can be a busy place. As an attendee for the past two decades, I’m always amazed to see how the event grows every year - and keeps getting bigger. It’s the perfect way to spend a week with 35,000 of your closest friends!

Cisco Live can also be a little overwhelming, between all of the mainstage presentations, breakout sessions, booths, and more. But we all share a common goal. We’re looking for ideas that will help solve the challenges we face today in this world of exponentially more data and more risk, the reality of Shadow IT and its related security challenges, and the power of AI and ML to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

In a nutshell, we’re all looking for “innovation.”

So if you want more than a cute t-shirt or a fancy retractable pen with a logo, I heartily recommend visiting Cisco Investments Village, where you’ll discover the nerve center of discussion between the world’s most brilliant entrepreneurs and innovators solving the biggest challenges in data center and collaboration, analytics and AI, networking and security.

Take a personalized tour

At the Cisco Investments Village, we’re offering exclusive access to executives at our game-changing portfolio companies. Two format options let you curate personalized experiences between your team and innovative startups:

  • Our FastTrack option includes  a guided tour of our startups in the Cisco Investments Village. You pick the domain you want — from AI to analytics, collaboration, data center, and security — and meet with a curated list of Cisco and portfolio company leaders.

  • The Briefing affords leaders a carefully curated private meeting with select companies, and the space for in-depth, strategic discussions.

Attend our informative theater sessions

A Cisco Live tradition, each theater session at the Cisco Investments Village provides a unique window into deep domain expertise. This year we’re thrilled at the line-up of talks. Here’s a sampling:

  • Stratoscale CEO Ariel Maislos on delivering the “cloud way.”

  • Whatfix, in their inaugural Cisco Live session, on demystifying the distribution of enterprise knowledge and developer training.

  • Exabeam on why the “central pane of glass” feels like the “central glass of pain” — and why your SIEM should be doing more to orchestrate and automate incident response.

In addition, this year we’re doing something different at Cisco Live by hosting thought leaders at three panel sessions inside the Village.

  • The Machines Are Taking Over brings IT leads from Moogsoft and DataRobot as well as Cisco Investments Senior Director Philip Kirk to discuss the promise of AI and the impact of ML on IT teams and the data science discipline.

  • Disruption in the Data Center: Evolving in a Multi-Cloud World focuses on the complexities of managing data in today’s environments with Cisco Investments VP Janey Hoe, Cohesity’s Rawlinson Rivera, and Ctera’s Oded Nagel.

  • Mind of the Modern CTO: Driving Best-in-Class Disruption offers useful insights about how to stay ahead in our frenetic, disruptive landscape with Cisco Investments Prasad Parthasarathi, Duo’s co-founder and CTO Joe Oberheide, and Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Security Business Group Cisco’s VP and CTO of Security Bret Hartman, and Panaseer CTO Charaka Goonatilake.

Visit our one-and-only Innovation Garage

A symbol of ambition and grit, the garage holds an iconic place in the tech pantheon. In honor of its catalytic powers, we’re setting up our own Garage in San Diego this year. Instead of the usual riot of circuit boards and caffeine, the Cisco Investments Innovation Garage will be a VR experience, and much more.

See you in San Diego at Cisco Live

Last year, nearly five thousand people met with Cisco-backed portfolio companies startups at our Village. This year, come meet the world’s most innovative startups in AI, analytics, collaboration, data center, and security. Better yet, up-level your Cisco Live with a personalized experience

Sign up for your personalized experience at Cisco Investments Village before all the spots go.