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Cisco Investments Connected | Cisco Investments

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Cisco Investments Connected

Cisco Investments Team

Cisco Investments Connected Series engages our portfolio companies in useful connections.  As a part of the series, Cisco Investments Connected on March 27 connects our portfolio companies, including 6WIND, Atlantis, Embrane, Rivermeadow, Platfora, HyTrust, Piston Cloud, Loggly, and Aravo, with buying decision makers of Cisco IT and Cisco Business Unit and Corporate Development Leaders through company presentations, demos, and networking hour.  The companies represent diverse technologies across the enterprise and data center including storage, cloud migration, and Big Data.

The event is sponsored by Rebecca Jacoby, Cisco's CIO, and her extended senior staff.    Cisco IT will also follow up with selected companies for potential Proof of Concept evaluations.