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Will Horyn | Cisco Investments

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Will Horyn


`Picture of Will Horyn`

What I Do

As a manager on the team, I focus on discovering and meeting with founders as well as executing on investment opportunities to help grow Cisco’s portfolio of exciting, impactful startups.

What I’m Passionate About

Although Cisco Investments is my first formal foray into VC, I have been following the early-stage tech ecosystem for some time and am passionate about entrepreneurs building businesses to improve the way we live and work.

I often look for natural curiosity as a critical trait in the founders we spend time with. While we’re looking for entrepreneurs with unique insights today, we also want to be confident they will continue to innovate and grow as the company matures.

As a recent transplant to San Francisco (and a terrible cook), I can’t wait to explore the local restaurant scene. I’m also an avid Chelsea FC fan so I’ll be doing my best to keep up with them despite not being functional that early in the morning.

Authenticity and positivity are core values I try to embody each day. Being authentic is an amazing way to show respect and build trust, while a positive attitude encourages open-mindedness and can have a contagious effect on others.

Where I’ve Been

I started my career as a member of the Leveraged Finance team at BMO Capital Markets in New York. I mostly focused on executing leveraged buyouts and advising clients on capital-raising activities across a range of industries.

Where I Learned

I earned my BBA at Villanova University, where I studied Finance and Economics. Fun fact: Villanova hosts the largest student-run Special Olympics competition in the world. Go ‘Cats!


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