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Abhay Madhav | Cisco Investments

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Abhay Madhav

Senior Manager

`Picture of Abhay Madhav`

What I Do

Digitalization, remote work, and distributed applications have accelerated the need for secure networking offerings to enable anywhere, anytime access from any device while still requiring fine-grained governance with streamlined operations. I endeavor to partner with visionary entrepreneurs and innovative startups to support their ambitions of building the internet of tomorrow

What I’m Passionate About

I’m passionate about problem-solving. I see every problem as a gift because, without them, there would be no growth. I remain an engineer at heart

Investing is life. When I’m not interacting with tech innovators during the workweek, I’m making moves in the cryptocurrency market or in my fantasy EPL soccer team.

I’m proudest when I deliver value to a portfolio company. You win better when you win together

Resiliency, self-awareness, and unique market insight. Mix well, add empathetic leadership, and let that percolate through the organization, and you may just have the perfect brew for success in tech

I believe in finding positives from every situation especially when the chips are down

Where I’ve Been

Before Cisco, I was an engineer turned investment banker. From designing semiconductor chips to running IPOs and acquisitions, I have had a front row seat to the ever-changing enterprise technology landscape over the past decade. My time in finance, strategy and engineering roles with Morgan Stanley, Centerview Partners, and Intel Corporation has shaped my understanding of enterprise technology from multiple angles

Where I Learned

My post-graduate education has been focused on finance and technology. I have an MBA in Finance from the NYU Stern School of Business and a Masters in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.


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