Why Cisco And NetApp Just Invested In Cloud Data Startup Datos IO

By Alex Konrad at Forbes

Why would Cisco and NetApp join forces to invest millions into a young startup in the data management space called Datos IO? The answer lies in the cloud — and the two public tech companies racing to catch up to customers who want a mix of on-premise and cloud-based architectures.

Datos IO is just three years old, with a data recovery product on the market since last June. But it’s already scored some major customers in tech, such as Ayla Networks, Barracuda Networks, eBay and OpenTable, as well as more notably outside of tech such as Macy’s, payments company ACI Worldwide and Home Depot, which showcased its use of Datos at a recent Google Cloud event. For Cisco and NetApp, Datos lies in the middle of a transition to cloud-based IT that has become of key importance to both companies. Approximately 80% of Datos’ customers are also customers of one of those two established tech players, while 70% are using Datos in the public cloud.

“The first inning of the cloud was small companies starting with an all-cloud strategy,” says Datos CEO Tarun Thakur. “The second is about enterprise focus.”

To see the remainder of the article on Forbes, please go here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexkonrad/2017/05/09/why-cisco-and-netapp-just-invested-in-cloud-data-startup-datos-io/#34a2ba9c3421

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