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These are the top 25 enterprise technology startups powering the economy

CNBC’s first-ever Top Startups for the Enterprise list highlights startups powering digital transformation, attracting strategic investments and potentially drawing acquisition interest.

|Business Insider

Women in venture capital are writing the rules of maternity leave and bending the male-dominated culture to their will

Insider spoke to a dozen mothers in VC who said that even though the industry is adding more support for them like financial assistance with fertility treatments or breast-milk delivery, many continue to clock-in during their maternity leave for fear of missing out on a deal or simply because there's no one else to fall back on to help their portfolio companies while they're away.


Identity security platform Oort bags new cash to grow its product

Oort, an identity threat detection and response platform, today announced that it raised $11.5 million in a Series A round co-led by .406 Ventures and Energy Impact Partners with participation from Cisco Investments.

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