Cisco Live - Cisco Investments

A new emphasis of Cisco Investments is to connect our portfolio companies to Cisco resources, programs, and events.

Cisco Investments was excited to host our portfolio companies at Cisco Live this year. Cisco Live is the largest gathering of Cisco customers, experts, and partners anywhere in the world, attracting 20,000+ attendees and 200,000+ virtual attendees online around the world in the past years. Cisco Live San Francisco took place from May 18-22, 2014.

This year, 22 of Cisco’s top Portfolio Companies took part in the Cisco Investments Pavillion located adjacent to the World of Solutions Showcase. The companies represented multiple geographies, including Canada, Australia, Israel, UK, India and the US, as well as diverse technology domains, including Big Data, IoT, Mobility, Virtualization, Security and Video.

Providing our Portfolio Companies the opportunity to display their products and services at Cisco Live has numerous benefits as the event is specifically designed to enable networking opportunities with Cisco Business Unit executives, Cisco Partners and, most importantly, Cisco customers.