Beyond the Pandemic: Integrating and Scaling Telehealth and Patient Communication for the Future

Never before have healthcare contact centers, care facilities, and state agencies been as tested as they are today to handle the massive call volumes imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Call centers have rapidly shifted entire agent workforces to work remotely, while patient communications platforms like the mobile-first Luma Health witnessed a nearly fortyfold increase in messaging traffic since the onset of the pandemic. In a recent Cisco Investments-hosted webinar,

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After the Investment: An Interview with Kespry CEO George Mathew

George Mathew is the chairman and CEO of Kespry, the leading drone-based aerial intelligence company, based in Menlo Park, CA. His focus is on leading the company’s mission to transform how...

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Why Cisco Invested in Secure Code Warrior: A Company Training Developers with a Security Mindset

Pieter Danhieux is the Co-Founder and CEO of Secure Code Warrior, an innovative web-based corporate education and assessment platform where software developers use hands-on learning to build...

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Collaboration: AI to Work Smarter and Faster

According to Donald Tucker, leader of our Collaboration domain, almost every startup today claims AI in their pitch, but few are putting it into practice. Learn about some of the companies harnessing...

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Data & Analytics: Making Enterprise AI/ML a Reality

AI. ML. Big Data. Noah Yago, leader of our Data & Analytics practice, cuts through the hype around these terms and talks about the startups making real strides in unlocking value for the...

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Interview with a Cybersecurity Pioneer: Yoav Leitersdorf

Cybersecurity in Israel is huge. Daniel Karp, who leads Cisco Investments corporate activities in Israel and Latin America, talks to one of its major architects, Yoav Leitersdorf, Managing Partner...

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Cisco invests in Sealights, a software quality intelligence company

Watch the interview with Sealights CEO and Founder Eran Sher.

Cisco Innovators: Janey Hoe

Janey Hoe, Vice President of Cisco Investments, thrives on connections. Whether it's connecting companies with Cisco Investments or making connections for more diversity in tech, Janey is seen as a leader. Focus Magazine recently sat down with Janey to find out how she got her career started and what continues to drive her.

Rookout: A Game-Changer for Productivity

Watch the interview with Rookout CEO and co-Founder Ori Weiss.