Security Never Goes Out of Style

  Cybersecurity is a top of mind issue these days, but few people know as much about where the future is headed as Prasad Parthasarathi, leader of Cisco’s security domain portfolio. Hear which critical security topics and strategies are on his mind, including why self-attack is the best defense, why Zero-Trust excites him, companies he’s keeping an eye on, and how Taylor Swift and the Avengers serve as inspirations.  

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The machines are taking over — and that’s a good thing

Moogsoft and DataRobot CTOs demystify AI at Cisco Live At this year’s CiscoLive San Diego, I was excited to host Will Capelli (CTO, Moogsoft) and Dave Russell (CTO, DataRobot) for a panel at...

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After the Investment: An Interview With Dynamic Signal CEO and Co-Founder Russ Fradin

Russ Fradin is Co-Founder and CEO of Dynamic Signal, a Silicon Valley software company and the leading employee communication and engagement platform. A digital media industry veteran, Russ has more...

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Cisco + Moogsoft: Delivering AIOps for Service Assurance

IT Operations teams face infrastructure environments that are larger and more complex than ever. These environments continue to grow in complexity as businesses strive to digitally transform nearly...

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Cisco + Cohesity: Transforming Enterprise Data Management

Enterprises are eager to find new solutions to simplify their data management. Years of depending on point solutions for application deployments has led to a fragmented array of infrastructure and...

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Lightbits Labs Bringing Hyperscale Experience to Private Cloud

AWS, Azure and Facebook have long understood the best method for gaining storage efficiencies is with a disaggregated scaleout infrastructure. Now, the storage industry is catching on, undergoing a...

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People@Cisco: Rob Salvagno

Rob Salvagno, Head of Cisco Investments, thrives when he can ride the next wave of innovation.

Cisco Innovators: Janey Hoe

Janey Hoe, Vice President of Cisco Investments, thrives on connections. Whether it's connecting companies with Cisco Investments or making connections for more diversity in tech, Janey is seen as a leader. Focus Magazine recently sat down with Janey to find out how she got her career started and what continues to drive her.

Cisco Investments GCVI Summit Interview

Watch Rob Salvagno’s interview at the 2018 GCVI Summit, discussing Cisco’s approach to global CVC and M&A.