Qwilt & Cisco: Delivering the Next-Gen CDNaaS

Back in 2010, two friends were playing a game of squash and brainstorming ideas for a new startup – tossing around ideas for everything from cybersecurity to cloud to storage to networking. Back then, it was the early days of video streaming on mobile devices. YouTube, Netflix and other video services were becoming prominent and the iPhone had ushered in an era of content consumption everywhere. The friends saw the future of TV as a service running on the Internet. But with this emerging demand, they also saw new burdens placed on the carrier networks.

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TriggerMesh: Connecting Serverless Applications in a Microservices Base Architecture 

TriggerMesh comes to market in the cloud-native space with an impressive pedigree. Even before starting the company, Big tech, from Google to GitLab, had consulted co-founders Sebastien Goasguen and...

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2021 CISO’s Survival Guide to Emerging Trends in the Startup Ecosystem

When it comes to the security space, we tend to hear the same words used to describe it – words like “fragmented,” “complicated,” and “sprawling.” That’s especially true when you hone...

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Styra: Security as Code for Cloud-Native

Prasad Parthasarathi is Director & Global Head for Cybersecurity Investments and M&A at Cisco Investments. His team is responsible for sourcing, qualifying, and transacting multi-stage...

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2021 Cisco Investments Diversity Report

At Cisco Investments, we see diversity and inclusion (D&I) as a bridge – a way to connect people with diverse perspectives to explore new possibilities, spark new ideas, and drive innovation.

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SafeGuard Cyber: On a Mission to Secure Human Connections

In 2020, the social media accounts of highly visible executives fell victim to everything from account takeovers to data hacks to social engineering plots. These hacks exposed a critical...

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Magnetic Cloud | A Conversation with Mohit Aron

We talk to Mohit Aron about his journey to building multiple unicorns, his ethos as a founder, lessons learned, and his thoughts on what’s coming next.

Magnetic Cloud | How to be Successful in Cloud Native

Learn the latest in cloud-native architectures, key buyer personas and common use cases.

Magnetic Cloud | Cisco’s Hybrid Cloud Strategy and Startup Engagement

Cisco executives break down their strategy in hybrid cloud, what Cisco is hearing from customers, and share key insights for startups on how to drive success through corporate partnerships.