Hunters: Ushering in a Modern Era of Security Operations

Over the past five years, the deluge of increased cloud workloads, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enterprise applications, complex enterprise networks, zero-trust network and personal devices in a distributed workforce has changed the threat landscape. This has created a difficult environment for security operations and risk management teams to integrate cyber tools across their IT landscapes to adequately detect and respond to today’s rising threats.

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Will Microservices Disrupt the Cloud?

A few years ago, cloud was seen as the next big disruptor, triggering a “race to the cloud” for any organization that wanted to stay competitive. Today there’s a new disruptor on the block that...

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Three CISOs Share Why and How They Embrace Startup Tech

A CISO's job is never done. As if the steady drumbeat of high-profile cybersecurity attacks wasn't enough to occupy the full attention bandwidth of CISOs these days, there's also the endless daily...

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Uniphore: Creating Better Customer Experiences Through Conversational AI

Every day, billions of conversations are happening worldwide. Every single one of those conversations – whether it’s with your daughter about a homework assignment, your manager about status...

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Corellium: Modernizing ARM-based Cybersecurity With Virtualization

Today, if an enterprise wants to perform vulnerability testing on Arm-based devices like smartphones, wearables, an AR device, or a router, they either have to build their own physical labs or ship...

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Mio: Seamless Collaboration across Enterprise Messaging Apps  

What’s the first thing that you do when you log in to work for the day? Probably start by catching up on what’s new, right? With your cup of coffee in hand, you jump on your mobile device...

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Magnetic Cloud | A Conversation with Mohit Aron

We talk to Mohit Aron about his journey to building multiple unicorns, his ethos as a founder, lessons learned, and his thoughts on what’s coming next.

Magnetic Cloud | How to be Successful in Cloud Native

Learn the latest in cloud-native architectures, key buyer personas and common use cases.

Magnetic Cloud | Cisco’s Hybrid Cloud Strategy and Startup Engagement

Cisco executives break down their strategy in hybrid cloud, what Cisco is hearing from customers, and share key insights for startups on how to drive success through corporate partnerships.