Dug Song’s Entrepreneurial Journey in Michigan

About Dug Song: Dug is Vice President and General Manager of Duo Security, one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity providers in the world. In 2018, Duo was acquired by Cisco for $2.35 billion, making it the largest exit ever for a Michigan-based software company. Click here to read more.   Dug Song knows security – he started as a hacker, built the first commercial network anomaly detection system,

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Introducing the Cisco Investments Sweet 16

The NCAA Basketball Tournament showcases some of the best young athletes in the world. Part of the thrill is having a glimpse into the future. Who will be the next Michael Jordan? The next Stephen...

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Driving the digital transformation of AgTech, an interview with Prospera CEO Daniel Koppel

Daniel Koppel is a Co-Founder and CEO of Prospera, a data company transforming farm production by fusing agronomy, computer vision, AI and machine learning. Founded in 2014, the company operates...

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Tomorrow’s Customer Experience: Why Cisco Invested in Whatfix

Too often, enterprises spend significant sums on application development, deployment and planning, only to see a small fraction of users actually use the application. And convincing users to adopt...

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CISCO Live – A view from the Investments Village by Panaseer

In the early hours on Sunday morning with my bag packed full of swag and Cadburys chocolate (the only chocolate), I made my way to the airport and headed for Panaseer’s first Cisco Live Europe...

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Winning Companies Understand the Difference Between Collaboration and Communication

We’re long past the point where businesses recognize the need to connect their employees with one another and align everyone around the central mission of their organizations. It’s just...

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People@Cisco: Rob Salvagno

Rob Salvagno, Head of Cisco Investments, thrives when he can ride the next wave of innovation.

Cisco Innovators: Janey Hoe

Janey Hoe, Vice President of Cisco Investments, thrives on connections. Whether it's connecting companies with Cisco Investments or making connections for more diversity in tech, Janey is seen as a leader. Focus Magazine recently sat down with Janey to find out how she got her career started and what continues to drive her.

Cisco Investments GCVI Summit Interview

Watch Rob Salvagno’s interview at the 2018 GCVI Summit, discussing Cisco’s approach to global CVC and M&A.