The impact of Covid-19 on frontline workers: how to keep employees safe, engaged and productive

With the COVID-19 pandemic still impacting day-to-day business operations, and the global economic recession firmly in place, corporate executives are in a bind. On one hand, these pressing realities require making immediate, disruptive changes to their business models. On the other, these necessary and often unavoidable actions must sometimes be taken without sufficient time to plan and prepare. Frontline employees see this. Months after the pandemic’s onset, the uncertainty it has generated among employees remains high.

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The Next Decade of IoT

In a three-part series, Cisco Investments and McRock Capital are partnering to share their predictions on top trends for the next decade of Industrial IoT. Part 1: A Market Shift from Horizontal to...

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Seeq: Driving the IoT Analytics Redemption

Enter Seeq, a company started by industry insiders to address the analytics challenges of process industry customers by integrating with existing data infrastructure through edge-native southbound...

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Creating Intelligent Customer Experiences: A Conversation with Cisco, Kustomer and ActionIQ

Cisco Investments recently led a webinar to discuss how unified data and the omnichannel, customer-centric platform can help contact centers deliver better customer experience outcomes.

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Parsable keeps industrial productivity humming with cloud-based workflow automation and contextual communications

Early on in my career, I worked for an energy company where I observed first-hand that the industrial sector was ready for a change. While many industries have shifted to mobile-first technology, the...

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RangeForce: The Evolution of Cybersecurity Skills Training

By 2027, cybersecurity training spend is expected to reach $10 billion, according to Cybercrime Magazine. But where is that spend going, and are buyers happy with their choices? When was the last...

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MAGNETIC Israel | Keynote

Amit Chaturvedy kicks off our flagship event with insights into our investments and M&A strategy in Israel.

MAGNETIC Israel | Fireside Chat

Cisco leaders Liz Centoni and Derek Idemoto share how to foster a culture of innovation and transformation in an intimate conversation.

MAGNETIC Israel | Entrepreneur Panel

The best and brightest minds in the industry with a proven track-record will share their advice and actionable strategies for succeeding as a founder and taking your startup to the next level.