Parsable keeps industrial productivity humming with cloud-based workflow automation and contextual communications

Early on in my career, I worked for an energy company where I observed first-hand that the industrial sector was ready for a change. While many industries have shifted to mobile-first technology, the industrial workforce still largely relies on paper-based systems and stored generational knowledge to run their daily operations. I knew the industry was in dire need of a digital transformation. So, when my IoT colleagues flagged a new cloud-based, worker connectivity platform called Parsable targeting the industrial sector, it immediately piqued my interest. The more I learned about them, the more I saw the potential of this app to automate connectivity within a frenetic industrial environment.

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RangeForce: The Evolution of Cybersecurity Skills Training

By 2027, cybersecurity training spend is expected to reach $10 billion, according to Cybercrime Magazine. But where is that spend going, and are buyers happy with their choices? When was the last...

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Re-emerging with New Operating Models: COVID-19 as a Catalyst to Drive Best Practices with Customers

Cisco Investments recently hosted a webinar featuring a panel of experts for a discussion about the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on financial services, banks, insurers and wealth management firms....

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Redesigning Retail Store Operations – COVID-19 as Catalyst to Drive Best Practices at the Front Line

Cisco Investments recently invited three experts in the field of retail operations for a panel discussion to explore how the industry has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and what operational...

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MemVerge: Pioneering New Paths in Storage Class Memory

At Cisco Investments, we constantly monitor market trends and build hypotheses around potential disruptions. As we were analyzing the memory and storage industry, we started to deep dive into the...

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EXPLORE2020: DISCOVER new tech. MEET the startup ecosystem. EXPLORE the possibilities.

For the first time, Cisco Investments is hosting a two-day Virtual Summit, offering you the opportunity to explore the latest insights and tech tools transforming our rapidly-changing global...

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Cisco invests in Sealights, a software quality intelligence company

Watch the interview with Sealights CEO and Founder Eran Sher.

Cisco Innovators: Janey Hoe

Janey Hoe, Vice President of Cisco Investments, thrives on connections. Whether it's connecting companies with Cisco Investments or making connections for more diversity in tech, Janey is seen as a leader. Focus Magazine recently sat down with Janey to find out how she got her career started and what continues to drive her.

Rookout: A Game-Changer for Productivity

Watch the interview with Rookout CEO and co-Founder Ori Weiss.