Cisco and Avi Networks Extend Application-Centric Network Infrastructure

As enterprises adopt multi-cloud environments and distributed applications, it becomes a challenge to consistently govern and provide services to these environments and applications. Cisco’s APIC provides the automation and policy management layer for the Cisco ACI fabric across all application environments; however, application services like load balancing, WAF, and monitoring are still configured manually through appliances or cloud-specific solutions.

Hardware and virtual ADC (application delivery controller) appliances are opinionated about where they work, how they work, and what kind of applications they can support. And the cloud-specific solutions are limited to a single cloud. These snowflake solutions work counter to the fabric-like architecture of Cisco ACI and are anything but application-centric.

Enterprises need to make decisions for their applications without being limited by the infrastructure that delivers them. This is why Cisco and Avi Networks are partners. The Avi Vantage Platform integrates natively with Cisco ACI and provides consistent application services across any environment. Similar to Cisco ACI, the Avi Networks software-only solution is delivered as a services fabric and managed by a centralized controller that isn’t bound by the confines of an appliance or a single cloud environment.

avi clb 1 - Cisco and Avi Networks Extend Application-Centric Network Infrastructure


Beyond being an integrated solution, the Avi Vantage Platform is the only load balancer offered on the Cisco Global Price List. This is an exciting opportunity for Cisco to extend application-centric L4-L7 services like load balancing, WAF, and monitoring for any application across any environment and compete more effectively against VMware NSX for SDN environments. The Cisco and Avi joint solution includes integrations with Cisco CSP 2100 (for NFV environments) and Cisco Tetration for analytics.

avi clb 2 - Cisco and Avi Networks Extend Application-Centric Network Infrastructure

Avi presents a 100% incremental and recurring revenue opportunity to Cisco sales teams with a total addressable market of over $5 Billion. Each incremental dollar of Avi sold represents $3 of pull through business for Cisco ACI, UCS, and CSP. Together with the collaborative support model that Cisco and Avi have put in place, this represents a win-win for Cisco and its customers.


Learn more about Avi Network’s theatre session at the Cisco Investments Village:

What’s it called?
Modernizing load balancers – no more application bottle necks

Who’s Speaking?
Josh Heller, Head of Business Development and Ecosystem

What’s it about?
You are delivering more applications at a faster rate than ever before. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars automating compute an storage, networking teams find that their load balancers still hold them back. In this session, Avi Networks will discuss why traditional load balancing has become a singular point of application delays and performance challenges. The presentation will cover how you can go from rigid, overprovisioned appliances that work only in one environment to elastic, multi-cloud load balancing. Includes a live demo.

When’s it happening? Times below –
Tuesday, January 29th: 12:00 – 12:20
Wednesday, January 30th: 15:00 – 15:20
Thursday, January 31st: 11:30 – 11:50

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